Donald Trump has decided to become active again in American politics

Donald Trump has decided to become active again in American politics. This news was given by the website quoting Trump’s associates. Trump made this decision after strengthening the confidence that he had a strong base among Republican Party supporters. Next Sunday, he will give a clear indication that there is a possibility of his becoming a candidate in the presidential election of 2024.

The website Axios has said that Trump will address a large gathering of Conservative groups next week. This will be his first public meeting since his departure from the White House. According to Trump’s aides, Trump will give a message through his speech that even though he is no longer the president and his Twitter handle has been snatched from him, his political power remains intact.

According to this news, Trump’s strategy is that he will first try to show his strength in the mid-term parliamentary elections of 2022. In these elections he will present himself as the ‘King Maker’. He is scheduled to meet with his advisors in Mar-a-Lago, Florida this week to finalize this strategy. Trump has made this place his residence after his removal from the presidency.

The Trump faction will try to defeat the Republican Party MPs who have switched sides in the primaries (candidate selection process) to be held next year for the Senate and House of Representatives elections. The Trump faction plans to spend large sums of money to make pro-Trump leaders a party candidate against them. Trump will also openly support his supporting leaders. Significantly, the Republican Party units of many states remain with full force on the trump. He has also passed resolutions condemning Trump’s critical leaders.

That is why everyone’s eyes are on Sunday’s Conservative Political Action Conference in Orlando. The conference has been organized in such a way that the message is that the trump has full control over the Conservative groups. Trump supporters claim that Trump’s strength is not the Republican Party. Rather, his strength is a very large mass community, which still stands behind him with full force. Trump’s advisor Jesson Miller told the website Axios – “Trump is actually the Republican Party. There is definitely a gap between the party’s old insiders and the grassroots. But today if you criticize Trump, it means that you are attacking the Republican grassroots (base). ‘

As such, there are few Republican leaders who have openly criticized Trump after the election. This is the reason that the impeachment motion brought by the Democratic Party against Trump could not be passed in the Senate. Only seven senators voted against Trump. Many of them senators have been condemned by their state party units.

Experts say that Trump’s pro-political action committee ‘Save America’ has collected $ 750 million. In addition, Trump’s database has the names and addresses of crores of people with whom his supporters are in direct contact.

Donald Trump has decided to become active again in American politics
Donald Trump has decided to become active again in American politics

According to reports, his grip on the supporters of the Republican Party is that many Republican leaders have contacted him and said that they will contest the elections only when Trump will support them. Despite this, Trump’s advisors say that Trump will not directly announce his candidacy for 2024 on Sunday. Rather, they will only give the message that they are present in the political arena. In addition, they will attack President Joe Biden. They will claim that many of the predictions they had made about Biden have just come true.

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