Donald Trump is going to lighten as much of the spark as possible

There is a general opinion among political analysts here that President Donald Trump is going to make the spark of the next president who goes as far as possible to make Biden’s work difficult. The Trump administration has deliberately taken steps to confuse the situation, particularly in the area of ​​foreign policy and diplomacy. The latest of these is to put Cuba again on the list of countries that have spread terrorism. In this way, he countered the progress made during former President Barack Obama’s time towards improving relations with Cuba.

Analysts believe the Biden administration’s immediate focus will be on the domestic situation. Thousands of deaths occur daily due to Corona epidemic in the country. The economy is in a shaky state. At the same time the country is a victim of deep social division. Meanwhile, Trump’s attempt to further confuse foreign affairs is seen as a direct result of his political thinking to spoil the game.

The Trump administration has steadily increased confrontation with China in recent months. During this period, various restrictions have been imposed on Chinese officials and businessmen. The Trump administration decided to send a high-level official to Taiwan with the aim of increasing the confrontation with China. Now tension has also arisen with Cuba. Apart from this, the Trump administration has also announced to put Yemeni rebels in the list of foreign terrorist organization.

This means that the Biden administration will have to start with foreign policy matters with an effort to settle new disputes. Rafael Puntuki of Singapore, senior fellow at the Rajaratnam School of International Studies, told TV channel CNN – the Trump administration has instigated a series of confrontations that the Biden administration has had to step into. Probably the most difficult of these in a diplomat. The level has arisen from the Trump administration’s decision to change relations with Taiwan.

Donald Trump is going to lighten as much of the spark as possible
Donald Trump is going to lighten as much of the spark as possible

In the case of Taiwan, US policy remained cautious for decades. After the civil war in China in 1949, the then ruler fled to Taiwan and made it a separate country. This is why China still considers Taiwan its part. The US was working with Taiwan, even though it was following the One China policy. That is, the US in principle considered Taiwan to be part of China. After formally establishing diplomatic relations with Communist China in 1979, the US is also announcing the One China Policy. Taiwan has a population of 20 million. Chinese President Xi Jinping has said that China will also use Taiwan to join China if needed.

The Trump administration has indeed recognized Taiwan’s independent existence. Pantucci said – “If the US wants to work closely with China on issues like climate change, the Biden administration will have to change its economic policy.” But it will be opposed in the US. Therefore, an extremely difficult situation has arisen on this issue for the Biden administration. Diplomat Leslie Vinzamuri told CNN – Biden must work with European allies to implement a shared China policy. But it will take time to do so. European countries have a different attitude towards China. Countries such as Italy and Germany see China as a major export market.

Similarly, the situation in Yemen is very conflicting. Declaring America’s Houthi rebels as a terrorist organization will worsen the situation. Since 2014, civil war has been going on in Yemen. The Houthi rebels have the support of Iran, who runs the government with the support of Saudi Arabia. The attempt to suppress the rebels has so far failed. Chris Doyle, director of the British Understanding of the think-tank Council for Arabia, has said – declaring Houthi a terrorist organization will not help end the fighting in Yemen. Rather, it is expected to fight and flare up. With this, Houthi can visit the Iranian camp even more.

On the other hand, putting Cuba on the list of countries sponsoring terrorism will hardly make any difference on the ground. But this is a personal setback for Joe Biden, as the US adopted a policy of reconciliation with Cuba when he was vice president.