Donald Trump is now consulting with right-wing forces

Donald Trump is now consulting with right-wing forces attempt to reverse the outcome of the presidential election and stay in the White House. This attempt to trump has been described in the US media as extremely worrying. According to a report published on the TV channel CNN website, a White House official said – “Nobody knows where things are going.” It should not be forgotten that he is the President of the country for one more month. ‘

Such news has created an atmosphere of uncertainty in the country. Among those whom Trump consulted with lately were lawyer Sydney Powell, who created the Conspiracy Theory (conspiracy theory), former national security adviser Michael Finn, Trump Ben Strategist at one time, Peter Navarro, an advocate of extremist trade policies Etc. In these, Trump called some to the White House and spoke to some over the phone. According to media reports, all of them have unanimously advised Trump that he should make one more last attempt to reverse the election result.

In addition to all this, Trump’s personal lawyer Rudy Juilliani remains with the president. He has created and publicized many stories of election rigging in the last month and a half. On Monday, Juilliani and Sydney Powell were seen together at the White House. Meanwhile, Trump is reported to have cut his ties with government officials and employees almost exactly. He has also almost ceased to participate in daily government work. He held a cabinet meeting last week. But they spent much of this time telling how suspiciously the election was held and how rigged it was. Experts say that in recent times, Trump’s entire focus has been on the alleged election rigging.

Donald Trump is now consulting with right-wing forces
Donald Trump is now consulting with right-wing forces

On Monday, he told his pro-worker Charlie Kirk, “We won the election heavily.” Kirk telecast the conversation via his microphone to Republican supporters gathered on Palm Beach in Florida. Trump said that we needed a party that fought. We have Congress (Parliament) members who are fighting this battle well. But we also need the support of the Ministry of Justice and others.

According to CNN, the biggest concern is what Sydney Powell recommends. A few weeks ago he was dropped from Trump’s legal team. But now she is back. The apprehension is that she may convince Trump to take any unconstitutional step. Last week, it was reported in the US media that martial law was suggested in a meeting at the White House. There is also a discussion that Trump will be at the Mar-a-Lago resort to celebrate the New Year holiday, where he will be surrounded by his staunch supporters. It is possible that these people will be able to convince them that they must fight every possible battle to stay in the White House.

There is also a discussion that when the newly elected Congress meeting begins on January 6, many Republican lawmakers will challenge Biden’s election in the House. Mo Brooks of the Republican Party in the House of Representatives has expressed his intention to do so. On Monday, Trump met with Brooks and several other Conservative MPs at the White House. According to CNN, in this meeting it was said that the Democratic Party has stolen the presidency. Trump has also been assured that there are a sufficient number of Republican members in both the House and Senate Houses who will participate in the debate on the January 6 election rigging. This debate can continue even the next day.

Although most people are not yet ready to believe that Trump will genuinely try to impose martial law or refuse to leave the White House on January 20, there is an uncertainty about the ongoing media discussions. At the same time, the credibility of the election is constantly being affected.