Donald Trump supporters have announced a massive rally on January 6

Leaving his New Year break midway, US President Donald Trump returned to Washington to launch his last campaign to challenge the presidential election results. His supporters have announced a massive rally in Washington on January 6 against the election of Joe Biden of the Democratic Party. Trump has been busy promoting the rally through Twitter and his other media. On Saturday morning (as per Indian time), he made several tweets and re-tweets in this regard with his Twitter handle.

The final process of the US presidential election is in the form of a stamp of approval from the US Congress. It is usually a formality, but this time Trump and his supporters are using it for their political cause. His aim is to do the most harm to Joe Biden’s credibility as president. In this sequence, the Republican Party’s Donald Trump supporter faction is not missing out on the last moment in the election process.

The new screw has now been foiled by Republican senator Josh Howley from the state of Missouri. He has announced that he will object to the next week when the Congress (Parliament) will count the voting in the Electoral College.

According to the American electoral system, voters elect 538 members of the Electoral College. The Electoral College meets on 14 December, in which its members make the presidential election a formal election. Congress counts in its first meeting of electoral college voting. This meeting takes place on January 5. Usually all these processes are merely rituals. But this time Trump and his supporters have not yet accepted their defeat. They are still strongly involved in making the assumption that Democratic Party candidate Joe Biden won election fraud.

Donald Trump supporters have announced a massive rally on January 6
Donald Trump supporters have announced a massive rally on January 6

To object to the calculation of a member’s electoral college voting in the Senate means that in that case both the Houses of Congress – the Senate and the House of Representatives – have to vote on the question of whether a member of the Congress of the Electoral College Accept voting. That is, if Howley objected, on January 6, the two Houses would have to vote on the question whether those Houses who would accept Biden’s victory. In Electoral College, 306 members voted in favor of Biden and on this basis they have won the presidential election.

Experts say that Howley’s objection will not change the election result. Because the Democratic Party has a majority in the House of Representatives. Both parties have equal members in the Senate. But many Republican members have said that they do not want to unnecessarily interrupt the election system. Nevertheless, this objection would delay the formal announcement of the outcome. There is a possibility that some more Trump supporters of the Republican Party may join Howley in registering Senator objections. Their intention is to have as long a debate on the issue in the House as possible, so that the country’s attention remains focused on Trump’s election claims.

While the Republican Party leaders in the Senate are not in favor of lodging objections. In this House, Republican John Thun of the Republican Party has publicly stated that he is not with such efforts. Because of this, both of them have to fall prey to Trump’s displeasure. Trump had strongly criticized Thun in a tweet. Significantly, Trump has kept constant pressure on the Congress to reverse the election results.

According to analysts, Trump’s popularity among the supporters of the Republican Party is so high that most leaders or MPs of this party are unable to muster the courage to openly oppose Trump. There are many leaders who believe in private conversations that Biden lives legitimately. But in public statements, he supports Trump’s claim that Biden’s victory was due to electoral rigging. While no concrete evidence of rigging has yet been produced by Trump supporters. Petitions of Trump’s supporters have been dismissed in the courts.

Despite this, House Trump’s pro-Republican member Mo Brooks has said that many of his party’s MPs are planning to challenge the election results in six states. If this happens, the Congress will have to give at least 12 hours to debate the election results. Analysts say this will be a political drama of sorts and that is what Trump wants. Trump’s strategy is to make more and more people feel that Biden is not a legitimately won president.

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