Donald Trump’s defeat in the recent election in the US does not make much sense

The perception of President Donald Trump’s defeat in the recent election in the US does not make much sense that the right-wing leaders and parties in the Western world have lost popularity due to the Corona virus epidemic being taken lightly. This is revealed by a study done by Cambridge University. According to this study, this assumption is also not true that in every country, the right-wing leaders or parties have taken the Corona epidemic lightly. The results of this study on the attitude of the right-wing parties about Covid-19 in Europe have appeared in the newspaper The Guardian.

Accordingly, assumptions about the stance of right-wing parties on Covid-19 and the pandemic impact on their popularity stemmed from Donald Trump’s defeat. But given the ground reality in Europe, the researchers came to the conclusion that these assumptions are completely wrong. It is also wrong to think that every right-wing leader took the Corona epidemic lightly like a trump.

In this connection, the researchers have mentioned the Italian right-wing leader Meteo Salvini and his league party. In the early days, this party took the Covid-19 as a major threat, though later, when the situation improved, its stance fluctuated.

Donald Trump's defeat in the recent election in the US does not make much sense
Donald Trump’s defeat in the recent election in the US does not make much sense

On the other hand, in the early days, many right-wing parties in the opposition criticized the governments of their countries for taking slow steps, but soon they were opposed to steps like lockdown. Among them is Germany’s Party Alternative for Germany (AFD). He called the lockdown an attack on freedom of expression. On the other hand, the Freedom Party of Austria said that the lockdown and other restrictions are part of a larger plan to monitor civilians.

The researchers say that the stance of the right-wing parties in Europe was different in different countries. It was also decided whether these parties are in power or in opposition. For example, the ruling right-wing parties of Hungary and Poland have enforced stricter rules during the epidemic. The study analyzed the attitudes of a total of 31 parties from European Union member states.

In the first round of the epidemic from March to June, only half of these 31 parties lost public support. The support of five increased, while there was no difference in the support of ten parties. According to an analysis based on opinion polls, where there was a difference, the average difference was only one per cent. In the second phase of the epidemic, there was some decline in the support of the right-wing parties, but this gap has also been very small.

The perception of Trump’s record has not been as far as the success of the ruling right-wing parties towards the Corona epidemic is concerned. The ruling right-wing parties in Europe have not proved to be inefficient in dealing with the epidemic. According to the researchers, the strictest measures to deal with the epidemic have been adopted in the countries where there are governments of right-wing parties.

Indeed, so far the record of those countries is even better in terms of the damage caused by the epidemic. However, the researchers have also pointed out that these parties are mostly in power in Central and Eastern Europe, where the transition of Covid-19 did not spread much in the first round.

Based on their analysis, experts associated with the Cambridge study have said that the public debate about the right-wing and the Covid-19 is generally baseless. Actually, no similar opinion can be formed about the attitude and attitude of such parties.

The researchers said- “Our findings suggest that we should stop looking at the European right wing from the perspective of Trump. The US President is an exception in many ways. (It is also noteworthy that while Trump is running out of power, the right-wing parties remain a major force in Europe. “

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