Emanuel Macron assuring that the victims of sexual assault within the family do not feel lonely

In France, the issue of family adultery has become so large that President Emanuel Macron has had to come to the fore. He has issued a video statement assuring that the victims of sexual assault within the family do not feel lonely. He also assured to make necessary changes in the law in this matter. Victims of family adultery in France last week launched an impressive online campaign. This campaign has spread rapidly like the #metoo campaign.

The law was amended in France some time ago. According to him, a woman or man victim of family adultery can file a case up to 30 years after the incident. But Macron said that this period will be extended if necessary. He said that child sexual harassment preventive meetings will be organized more in the country. Also, the government will bear the expenses of psychological therapy of the victims. Macron said that sexual violence against children will no longer be tolerated. It is time to take this step. He referred to such incidents, which caused the lives of many children to be psychologically devastated.

The campaign started after the publication of a book recently. In this book, a well-known political commentator of the country has been accused of sexually abusing the family. The book is written by Camile Kauchner. She is the daughter of Bernard Kauchner, the founder of the institution called Medicines Sans Frontier. Bernad Kauchner has also been the French Foreign Minister. Camille Kauchner alleged that politician Oliver Duhamel sexually assaulted his twin brother 30 years ago.

Emanuel Macron assuring that the victims of sexual assault within the family do not feel lonely
Emanuel Macron assuring that the victims of sexual assault within the family do not feel lonely

After this book came to light, a leading feminist organization in France launched a campaign like #MeToo. The campaign is named #metooincest. As the campaign went on, hundreds of women and men on the Internet told the world stories of sexual abuse within their families in their childhood. Duhamel has described the charge in the book as a personal attack. But this matter became so hot that he had to resign from his post in the Department of Political Science at a prestigious university.

The campaign has been compared to the #MeToo campaign launched in 2017 after the sexual assault on Harvey Winstein in the US. The number of tweets in France has reached thousands with the #MeetooInsest hashtag. Sociologists say that talking about family adultery was taboo in French society until now. But this campaign has given people an opportunity to come out and express their pain. This shows that such incidents are common. This has necessitated that such crimes be accepted in the law and appropriate provisions for punishment should be made. France’s Minister of Family Affairs, Adrien Tacke, has said that the French government has taken this matter very seriously.

Meanwhile, after the success of the #MeTooInst campaign, the #MeTooge campaign in France has also started on the Internet. Under this, people are sharing stories of gay sexual harassment. In charge of bringing social equality, Minister Elisabeth Moreno said in a tweet that sexual violence is a stigma that we must collectively combat. He said that the stories the victims are telling should be believed and helped.

According to an international study by the World Health Organization, by the age of 18, about 20 percent of women and eight percent of men have been sexually assaulted. But experts say that these numbers are small, because in reality many people do not discuss such matters. Therefore, the real face is not revealed. That is why it is considered a good thing that this link is now coming out in France.