Epidemic does not necessarily end forever after the vaccine is ready

The corona epidemic has wreaked havoc all over the world. There is no nation or island left where there is not a single case of corona virus. As soon as the outbreak of this epidemic started, work was also done on making its vaccine and gradually many vaccines were also prepared. Moderna and Pfizer’s vaccines are up to 95% effective in defeating the corona virus. There is hope among the people who are making vaccine that now it will be easy to end the epidemic and soon all the people will start living normal life again. Some health experts, however, believe that the epidemic does not necessarily end forever after the vaccine is ready.

Experts say that even if the vaccine is given to all the people in the world, even then people will have to wear masks and keep a distance of six feet always. Moderna’s vaccine is effective in defeating Corona by 94.5% and Pfizer’s vaccine by 95%.

Although the effectiveness of the vaccine is only that it can protect the patient from Covid-19 but it does not stop the spread of infection, there is no guarantee. Applying the vaccine only means that you will not be seriously ill after being hit by the corona. This is also a big achievement in itself because so far millions of people have died from Corona.

Epidemic does not necessarily end forever after the vaccine is ready
Epidemic does not necessarily end forever after the vaccine is ready

The vaccine does not prevent the infection from spreading, but does increase the patient’s immunity. This means that rules such as wearing masks, physical distance, less crowding inside homes will also have to be followed. There are still many disclosures about the corona virus, so it is important that at least these public health measures are followed.

Currently, the vaccine will be given first to health workers and frontline workers. Even after this, if the vaccine remains available in the market, then the elderly people will be vaccinated. This is because storing the Corona vaccine is also a difficult task and both companies are making a large amount of vaccines.

Dr. Anthony Fossey says that the biggest thing is that now we have the weapon to defeat Corona but we have no equipment to replace everything. It is expected that when all the people in the world are vaccinated, the corona virus will surely be lost because the effect of corona will be reduced after the vaccine is applied.

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