EU is to impose a fine of 500 million euros on the messaging app WhatsApp

The European Union (EU) is to impose a fine of 500 million euros on the messaging app WhatsApp. The website has published this news quoting three sources having direct information about the case. These fines will be imposed for violating the data protection rules of the EU. By the way, the website has said that the amount of the fine should be consulted with the data protection agencies of various countries of the EU. The website says that these fines can be so large, as far as no messaging app has been imposed in such a case.

The EU implemented common data protection rules in 2018. Under it, the rules of protection of privacy of users came into force. But Facebook company’s messaging app WhatsApp has violated them. It did not exercise the necessary transparency according to the privacy rules of Europe. The app has been convicted in an investigation conducted in Ireland.

It is possible that along with the announcement of the fine, WhatsApp should be ordered to change the way users use their data. The investigation was conducted on allegations that WhatsApp did not properly tell EU users how they would share their data with Facebook.

Significantly, the privacy authority of France has imposed a fine of 50 million euros on Google. Many cases of privacy violations were also proved on Google. Ireland’s Data Protection Commission recently fined Europe 4.5 million euros. According to Ireland’s law, social media companies are subject to its own law.

Ireland’s commission has also recommended the fine on WhatsApp. But at present it has sent its report to such agencies of other countries under the EU to give suggestions on fines. The matter is likely to be decided in the coming months. A WhatsApp spokesperson told POLITICO that its company was awaiting a final decision in the matter.

Last November, Facebook set a budget of eighty-five million euros to fill potential fines on WhatsApp. In Ireland, Facebook and WhatsApp have registered themselves as separate companies. Ireland’s Data Protection Commission is also investigating whether WhatsApp can share data with Facebook, despite being a separate entity.

EU is to impose a fine of 500 million euros on the messaging app WhatsApp
EU is to impose a fine of 500 million euros on the messaging app WhatsApp

According to experts, in the case in which WhatsApp is being fined, this is when this app did not announce to change its privacy policy. This announcement took place this month, after which WhatsApp has received worldwide criticism. Its millions of users have left it and started using apps like Signal or Telegram.

According to the earlier announcement, the new privacy policy of WhatsApp was to come into effect from 8 February next. But now it has been postponed till 15 May. In this new policy, WhatsApp has said that it will share the data of its billions of users with Facebook.