European authorities have warned Astra-Zeneca to ban the export of vaccines produced in Europe

Europe is struggling with a vaccine deficiency problem for the prevention of corona infection. European authorities have warned the British-Swedish company Astra-Zeneca to ban the export of vaccines produced in Europe. These officials are angry with the delay in vaccine supply from this company. He complains that European companies are not doing the same in Europe in the US, UK and Israel. The European Union has promised to decide in this matter by the end of this week.

But the proponents of liberal policies in business have already started to question any step related to export ban. This is causing a controversy here on this issue. Germany’s Health Minister Jens Spahn has said that European countries should take steps to limit exports.

But the European Commission has always been hostile to trade restrictions and protectionist policies. At the same time, the Commission is also concerned that if steps are taken to limit exports, it may offend some of Europe’s allied countries, who depend on European companies for vaccines.

EU trade chief Valdis Dombrowskis said on Tuesday that the EU does not intend to ban shipments that have reached the port. Rather, it aims to create a sense of greater accountability in pharmaceutical companies. He said that big pharmaceutical companies have not yet given any satisfactory response to the EU on the issue of vaccine supply.

European authorities have warned Astra-Zeneca to ban the export of vaccines produced in Europe
European authorities have warned Astra-Zeneca to ban the export of vaccines produced in Europe

Dombrovskis said- We are not planning to impose restrictions or limits on exports. Our primary objective is to bring transparency in terms of exports, so that there is a clear idea about the production capacity of the vaccine companies. We want to know how many vaccine doses made at which production center were exported.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has appealed to the EU not to create any concrete hurdles in the way of exports. Britain is severely affected by the Corona epidemic. On Tuesday, it became the first country in Europe, where the number of dead from Corona crossed one lakh. Therefore the availability of vaccines in the UK remains a major problem.

But reports published in the European media say that the EU may ban vaccine exports despite its anti-protectionist policies. It has been pointed out that last year, the EU took a similar step regarding masks and other protective materials. It was started by Germany. In this case Germany violated the Single Market Principle of the EU.

Now again Germany is pressing for a ban on vaccine exports. But experts have warned that if the EU takes such a step, it could spark ‘vaccine war’ in the world. Then American or other countries can also take such a step.

The EU therefore sought to lift these restrictions. But Germany lifted that ban only when the EU itself imposed such a ban. After this, it became imperative for companies in Europe to manufacture masks and other materials to protect against infection, to allow the governments of their country before exporting.

The head of the European Parliament’s trade committee, Brend Lang, says that not much time has passed when the Covid-19 vaccine was considered a public interest material. But now the fight to achieve it has started.

The allegation is that European countries, advocating openness and liberalism in trade, are becoming protectionists in violation of their own doctrine when disaster strikes. Professor Simon Evanet at St. Gallen University in Switzerland told the website, “I feel that the opponents of globalization and the irrational people have become uncontrollable.” Even in rich countries, there has been a fight over who gets the vaccine. The EU is taking steps to impose limits on exports. In my opinion this is a double standard. ‘