Farmers have started a movement against the government in Nepal

Like India, in neighboring Nepal, farmers have started a movement against the government. They have taken to the streets of Kathmandu to pay the cane dues. But the government is not troubled by it. Rather, the ministers accused the movement of inciting the middlemen. After this, the farmers are not even ready to negotiate with the government.

The movement which started on Sunday is continuously increasing. They are asking the government to take steps, apart from this, they have no dialogue. In the same case, the Home Ministry had ordered in January that non-payment of sugar mills would be subject to legal action. But the year is ending and the farmers did not get any relief, nor was any mill owner arrested.
This is destroying the trust of the farmers on the government. On Tuesday, Home Minister Ram Bahadur Thapa met Industry and Supplies Minister Lekhraj Bhatta, Agriculture and Animal Husbandry Minister Ghanshyam Bhusal, General Administration Minister Hridayesh Tripathi and officials and again ordered the administration of various districts to take legal action against the cane mill owners. But what steps will be taken, it is still not told.

The farmers do not believe in Thapa’s order. Sugarcane Farmer Conflict Committee Patron Rakesh Mishra said that till the government does not get the money, the movement will continue. The farmers also rejected the meeting with Thapa and the mill owners. Mishra said that the government can make payments to the farmers from the Prime Minister’s Relief Fund and can recover it with interest from the mill owners.

Farmers have started a movement against the government  in Nepal
Farmers have started a movement against the government in Nepal

Minister Lekhraj Bhatta said on Monday that there are no middlemen in the movement. He said this to the mill owners. Rakesh Mishra said in response that when the government has to compromise, we consider us as farmers but right now we are telling the middleman. The general public is supporting the farmers, hence the government is violating their character.

According to experts, the government has lost faith in the statements of ministers. Mill owners are also claiming 55 crore dues, according to the farmers, there is an outstanding amount of 90 crore. The farmers are also worried about planting the next crop, only they will be able to sow once they get the money. This is a question of livelihood, so they are not ready to return till they get their money.

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