FDA has allowed the emergency use of vaccines

In the US, the country’s first Covid-19 vaccine has been approved on Friday, marking the beginning of the end of the epidemic that has killed 300,000 Americans so far. An official gave this information. The Department of Food and Drugs (FDA) has allowed the emergency use of vaccines developed by Pfizer and its Germany partner Bioentech. Now the path of vaccination of health workers and nursing home workers has been paved in the coming days.
Many other countries, including the US, UK, want to vaccinate more people before winter, so the first dose of vaccine will be lacking, so they will be given on priority basis.

The FDA’s decision has been taken on the basis of public review data on the ongoing study. In addition, the Trump administration was pressuring the FDA to approve the vaccine as soon as possible, alleging that the agency’s process was too slow.

FDA has allowed the emergency use of vaccines
FDA has allowed the emergency use of vaccines

The administration even threatened FDA chief Stephen Han that he would be removed from office if a decision about the vaccine was not taken by Friday. After FDA approval, the biggest vaccination campaign in US history will now begin. The US is also considering a vaccine developed by Moderna.

Earlier, after the brainstorm in an eight-hour meeting of the Vaccine and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee (VRBPAC) of the US Department of Food and Drugs (FDA) regarding approving the use of the vaccine developed by Pfizer and its partner Bioentech in Germany Voting took place. It had 17 votes in favor of Pfizer and Bioentech vaccines and four in opposition, one member absent.

Committee member Paul Offit said there was a clear benefit from the vaccine, but on the other hand, there were perceived dangers. Paul is a vaccine specialist at Children’s Hospital in Philadelphia. He said that the ability to benefit the vaccine reduces its risks.

It is going to be a milestone, said Ofer Levy, another expert. Levy is an infectious disease specialist and heads the vaccine program at Boston Children’s Hospital. The UK and Canada have already approved Pfizer’s vaccine.

“The approval of the Pfizer-BioNotech Covid-19 vaccine today is a ray of hope in difficult times,” newly elected President Joe Biden said in a statement. We are grateful to the scientists and researchers who created this vaccine. We are also grateful to the scientists and public health experts who evaluated the potential and safety of this vaccine without coming into political influence.