The FIFA World Cup will last for 12 days against the 2022 group stage in which four matches will be played daily. Knockout matches will be played in Qatar even after midnight if drawn in extra time. FIFA, the global body of football, on Wednesday released the first World Cup schedule to be played in November and December.

The matches during the tournament are 1 pm local time (10 am Greenwich Standard Time), 4 pm (1 pm Greenwich Standard Time), 7 pm (4 pm Greenwich Standard Time) and 10 pm Will begin at 7 pm (Greenwich Standard Time).

FIFA said in a statement, “Once the teams are decided in the group, the possibility of a better time of the start of the match will be discussed for the spectators watching the match at home and of course the allocation of matches in the stadiums keeping in mind the Qatar audience.”

The first football World Cup to be held in West Asia will begin with host Qatar which will be played at 1 pm on 21 November at Al Bayt Stadium with a capacity of 60 thousand spectators. The final will be held on December 18 from 6 pm at the L├╝ssel Stadium with a capacity of 80 thousand spectators.

This time the tournament will run for 28 days as the European season did not have much impact, whereas in Russia the previous tournament was played for 32 days. About eight sites in Doha will be used for this tournament. Teams and fans will not need to travel to Qatar by plane to watch the match as the stadiums are within a 30-mile radius.

Both semi-finals will start at 10 pm and a new day will begin in Qatar if they pull in overtime, or have to take a long break due to injury or have regular time delays due to video referrals. There will be no break between the group stage and the pre-quarter-final match. Most teams will get a three-day rest in between matches, which FIFA says is ideal for sports performance. The teams playing the last two pre-quarterfinals, however, will get just two days of rest. In the third-place play-off, one team lost in the semi-finals will get two days and the other team will get rest for three days.

FIFA plans to hold the tournament draws in late March 2022 or early April 2022. By then, 30 of the 32 teams playing in the finals will be decided. This is the final World Cup in which 32 teams will take part. 48 countries will take part in the 2026 World Cup to be hosted jointly by America, Canada and Mexico.

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