Floods devastating Assam's Kaziranga

Prince William and his wife Kate Middleton have expressed concern and disappointment over the floods devastating Assam’s Kaziranga National Park

National Park has been affected badly due to floods thrice this year. Currently 92 percent of the park area is submerged and 123 animals including 12 rhinos have died. With this, the livelihood of many people has also been affected.

Prince William and Kate have also written a letter to garden director P Sivakumar about this. In this letter, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge stated that the devastation caused to the Kaziranga National Park and its wildlife by the monsoon floods was heartbreaking. Prince William wrote in the letter, “We have many beautiful memories of our April 2016 visit to Kaziranga and we are shocked at what has happened.”
National Park officials made the letter available to the media on Friday. In this letter, Prince William has written that the death of so many animals including one horned rhinoceros is absolutely disturbing. He said, ‘We know from our travels that all the dedicated workers of Kaziranga are engaged in the care of the wildlife of the park and we can only imagine how difficult it is.

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