Formation of the Kamatapur Autonomous Governing

The ruling party has said that it will field at least 30 candidates in Assam and 49 candidates in North Bengal in the forthcoming Assembly elections. Uttam Kumar Roy, General Secretary of the Central Committee of the party, has been working for the nationalization of the Koch dynasty, the national recognition of the Kamatapur language and the formation of the Kamatapur Autonomous Governing Council before the new assembly elections.

The Progressive Party of Kamatapur will soon contest the KPP assembly elections in at least 30 constituencies in Assam and 49 constituencies in North Bengal. This was stated by the Central Committee of the party in a press conference today. In a press conference held at Kajalgaon Press Club in Chirang district, Pradeep Kumar Roy, President of KPP, said that the party is planning to recruit 10 lakh members from August 16 to December 31 in Assam and West Bengal. Exchange views with various organizations, intellectuals and writers.

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