Georgia has given Biden the first certificate of victory

In terms of election results, America’s most important state, Georgia, has given Biden the first certificate of victory, while Republicans in Michigan have accepted Biden. In such a situation, Trump’s last attempts have also suffered a major setback in which he tried to prevent Republican MPs associated with the Election Board from confirming the victory of White House Bulakir Biden.

President Trump wanted the election results of his defeat in these important states not to be substantiated, but his own Republican colleagues did not accept Trump’s intent. The Georgia governor confirmed Biden’s victory in the re-census, and after meeting with the president, Michigan lawmakers said they would not interfere with the state’s election certification process. Biden won by more than 12,670 votes in Georgia, while in Michigan he defeated Trump by a margin of 1.60 million votes.

On the other hand, Trump’s team has filed dozens of cases, challenging the results, but has not yet given any proof. While in Michigan, the Republicans withdrew the case, in Arizona, the judge dismissed the appeal, seeking an adjournment of the election result. In this way all the doors of the trump are being closed in turn.

Georgia has given Biden the first certiGeorgia has given Biden the first certificate of victoryficate of victory
Georgia has given Biden the first certificate of victory

The White House has said that the Trump administration has made all the legally necessary preparations for the power transfer event. Press Secretary Kaylee McKechnie said, the constitutional process is being used to determine the winner of the November 3 presidential election. He refused to accept Biden as winning, saying the president was very clear and wanted each legal vote to be counted. He did not say when Trump would win but said the claims of voter fraud are largely genuine. While Biden is set to take over as the country’s 46th president on 20 January.

Newly elected President Biden, troubled by President Trump’s non-cooperation in the power transfer process in America, has now appealed to the general public to donate. In a Twitter message, he said, “Since President Trump is not giving up and is delaying the transfer, we have to complete this process ourselves. We need your support in this. If you are able, donate to the Biden-Harris transition. ‘

Twitter has announced whether Trump will give up or not, next January 20, the US President’s Twitter handle will be given to Biden. In addition, other official Twitter handles, including the White House, the Vice President and FLOTUS (First Lady or the President’s wife), will also be transferred to the new administration. The Twitter team will soon meet Biden-Harris in this regard.

President Trump alleged that big drug companies spent millions of dollars during the recently concluded general election to run negative advertisements against him. “I won these elections with about 7.4 crore votes, but we will find out what the big drug companies did,” Trump said. He said, pharmaceutical companies, media and big technology players are also against us.