Germany has decided to extend the lockdown in the country

Germany has decided to extend the lockdown in the country by three more weeks to March 28, in view of combating the corona virus. However, some restrictions will be relaxed during this period. The talks between German Chancellor Angel Merkel and the governor of 16 states in the country were held for about nine hours on Wednesday. During this time there was a discussion about the increasing threat of new forms of corona virus and the return to normal life.

Schools up to primary level were opened for students last week in the country. At the same time, after two and a half months, the ‘hairdressers’ returned to work on Monday. The new lockdown rules decided in the meeting will be implemented in the country from Sunday. Merkel and the governors of the states on Wednesday prepared a phased plan to relax the restrictions. In Berlin, Merkel told reporters that these steps should be done to take us forward.

He said, “But at the same time, this should not affect the progress achieved so far in dealing with the virus.” He said that many frightening examples of the third wave exist in Europe. Merkel pledged that the spring of 2021 would be different from the spring of the previous year. He informed that non-essential goods shops, museums and other centers will be opened for a limited time in areas where there are fewer cases of infection.

Most shops in the country have been closed since the lockdown implemented on 16 December. On the other hand, restaurants, bars, sports centers etc. have been closed since November 2 last year. Hotels were only allowed to accommodate people traveling for business. Robert Koch of the National Center for Disease Control said on Wednesday that 46 per cent of the 25,000 samples tested last week had found a redesign of the Covid-19 found in Britain.

Germany has decided to extend the lockdown in the country
Germany has decided to extend the lockdown in the country

It is noteworthy that till Tuesday, 5.3 percent of the population had received the first dose of Covid-19 vaccine. With this, 2.7 percent have already received the second dose of the vaccine. According to the National Center for Disease Control, 9,019 new cases of corona virus were reported in the country on Wednesday, taking the number of infected to 24.6 lakh. At the same time, after the death of 418 more patients, the death toll increased to 70,881.

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