Going to tighten legal scrutiny in BJP ruled states

The ‘love jihad’, which has been a subject of controversies across the country for a long time, is now going to tighten legal scrutiny in BJP ruled states. In fact, there have been cases of forced, seduction or fraudulent marriages by Muslim youths from other religions, especially Hindu women. Apart from this, they have also committed heinous murders when the women refused. The murder of a young woman in Ballabhgarh in Haryana under the guise of the alleged Love Jihad is the latest example of this, after which preparations are being made to make Love Jihad law in many states. Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, Madhya Pradesh and Karnataka have announced legislation in this regard. At the same time, MP and UP have stepped up, but only in Uttarakhand, the anti-love jihad law is applicable. Know, what is the preparation in which state?

Going to tighten legal scrutiny in BJP ruled states
Going to tighten legal scrutiny in BJP ruled states

The Yogi government of UP is preparing to enact a strict law on Love Jihad. In this regard, the UP Home Department has sent a proposal to the Department of Justice and Law. Now the Law Department is reviewing the proposal. How strict the law will be, it cannot be said right now, but it can be seen from the statement made by Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath in the past. Yogi had said that ‘the state government will bring a law with strict provisions in this regard and then those who do such actions will have’ Ram Naam Satya ‘.’

Madhya Pradesh will be the second state to enact this law. Madhya Pradesh government is introducing a new act, ‘Madhya Pradesh Freedom of Religion Act -2020’. Its draft has been prepared. Under this law, there is a provision for a five-year sentence if a fresh case of Love Jihad is caught. Apart from this, the Family Court will be given the right to cancel such marriages which have already taken place. The decision of the Family Court can be challenged in the High Court. The related bill will be introduced in the winter session of Madhya Pradesh Legislative Assembly. The act will also mention getting married through seduction, coercion, fraud, deception. If a case of Love Jihad comes to the fore and it is proved that a facilitator or someone has provoked, he will be as guilty as the main accused. Its sentence is also for five years.

There is also a proposal to make a law against Love Jihad in Haryana. State Home Minister Anil Vij gave this information by tweeting this month. Please tell that after the Nikita Tomar murder case in Ballabhgarh, Faridabad, the case of Love Jihad has been hotly renewed. Vij had also said that the matter will be investigated from the point of view of religious conversion and love jihad. State Chief Minister Manohar Lal had said in response to questions from reporters on the Nikita murder case that it was a very serious matter. It is being linked to conversion. The Central Government and the State Governments are considering making such provisions so that such cases do not recur.

Chief Minister BS Yeddyurappa has also said that the state government will take tough measures to curb conversion in the name of ‘Love Jihad’. In a statement on November 5, he said, ‘Recently there have been reports of conversion in Karnataka in the name of Love Jihad. I have spoken to the authorities about this. What other states are doing or not doing is a different matter. But this will be curbed in Karnataka. The government will not sit silent when ‘jihadis’ are playing with the dignity of women in the state.’ Yeddyurappa said that the young girls of the state are being lured and converted in the name of love and money.

On the other hand, Chairman of All India Muslim Women Personal Law Board and social activist Shaista Amber has expressed strong resentment over the proposed law of anti-love jihad. He called it against the original spirit of the Constitution. Shaista issued a statement questioning what governments want to prove by making Love Jihad law? Shaista Amber said that if the leaders of our country and the rest of the people marry in other religions, will that be considered a love jihad? Ambar said that bringing the Love Jihad law in the name of any religion is against the fundamental soul of the Constitution, as well as a major attack on the common culture of the country, which is condemnable.

Let me tell you, the issue of anti-love jihad law is not just about the BJP ruled states. Such incidents have happened in non-BJP ruled states from Kerala to Rajasthan. Hadiya’s case went to the Supreme Court of Kerala. In many states of the country, there is a demand for legislation against it.