Google has threatened to disable its search engine in Australia. If he is forced to pay local publishers for the news, he will block the search in the country. This threat has been given at a time when there has been a deadlock between the Government of Australia and Google for the last one month. The deadlock over the media payment law between the two continues.

The proposed legislation intends to compensate publishers for the value of their news for the company, Australia and New Zealand managing director Mel Silva said at a parliamentary hearing on Friday. He specifically protested that Google pays media companies to display snippets of articles in search results.

This threat from Google is quite effective as the digital giant tries to stop the flow of regulatory action around the world. According to the local competition regulator, at least 94 percent of online searches in Australia pass through the Alphabet Inc. unit. Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison said on Friday, “We do not react to threats.”

Morrison said, ‘Australia rules for the things you can do in Australia. This has been done by our Parliament. This has been done by our government. And this is how it works in Australia. ‘ Facebook Inc., another company that has been targeted by the law, has also opposed the legislation. The social media platform once again said on Friday’s hearing that it is considering blocking its services.

Google has threatened to disable its search engine in Australia
Google has threatened to disable its search engine in Australia

Facebook has also given a warning to Australian News with threats. Australia has enacted the legislation to support the local media industry, including Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp, which has struggled to adapt to the digital economy. During the hearing, lawmakers reprimanded Google for its tough stance. Senator Andrew Bragg accused the tech giant of trying to ‘blackmail’ Australia and policy makers.