Google has to pay 551 crores to 121 French newspapers

Google, which is earning millions of crores of advertisements showing the news of newspapers and news websites on its platform, now has to pay 551 crores to 121 French newspapers. It signed a three-year agreement with French newspaper organization APIG Alliance last month under a new French law, but the amount it will pay has now come to light. The special thing is that this money will have to be paid to show the small form of news on its platform.

Initially Google was not ready for this. In 2014, similar legislation was made in 2014 to pay the Spanish news organizations. On this, Google closed its ‘Google News’ section in Spain so that it would not have to share the earnings. This time in the Google search results, French news institutions were preparing to remove content.

The French Competition Commission warned him of this. Ultimately Google succumbed to the government’s tough stance. Their stake will be decided according to the content received from news institutions with the agreement. For example, the major daily newspaper La Monde would be paid around nine and a half crores and the weekly newspaper La Vaux would be paid Rs 10 lakhs.

Google  has to pay 551 crores to 121 French newspapers
Google has to pay 551 crores to 121 French newspapers

According to experts, the agreement will open a new path for digital copyright payments. France can become a model for the world. The Australian Government is also on course to enact legislation. Google is strongly opposing it, making new threats daily. In the next two-three years, dozens of new European countries will also enact legislation like France.

Google had a turnover of Rs 3.34 lakh crore in the third quarter of 2020, with Rs 2.70 lakh crore earned from advertising. According to experts, this amount will not be a burden for Google. Rather, he will be able to grow his business by sharing news more freely.