The United States has given a big relief in visa restrictions

US President Donald Trump has signed a government order prohibiting federal agencies from hiring H-1B visa holders. This is a major setback for Indian information technology (IT) professionals seeking a job in the US. Trump has instructed federal agencies to give jobs to Americans. At the same time, the President has specifically asked them to refrain from contracting or subcontracting with foreign professionals with H-1B visas.

US President Donald Trump has signed
US President Donald Trump has signed

Earlier on June 23, the Trump administration postponed H-1B visas and other types of foreign work visas to the end of 2020 for the protection of American employees in this important election year.

The H-1B visa is quite popular among Indian IT professionals. It is a non-immigrant visa. Through this, American companies can appoint foreign employees in positions of technical or other expertise. US technology companies hire thousands of professionals from China and India on this visa every year.

Trump told reporters at the Oval Office of the White House on Monday that, “Today I am signing a government order. This would ensure compliance with the federal government’s simple rule of hiring Americans. ‘ Trump said that our administration would not tolerate the action of expelling hardworking Americans in return for cheap foreign labor.

The US President said, “We are finalizing the H-1B regulation so that no American employees will be replaced now.” The H-1B will be used to create employment for Americans. It will be used for the top high paid talent. It will no longer be used for cheap labor programs and termination of jobs for the people of America. ‘ Along with Trump, many people who campaigned against outsourcing of jobs were present on the occasion.

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