Hafiz Saeed have been sentenced to six months in jail

Three accomplices of the Mumbai attack mastermind Hafiz Saeed have been sentenced to six months in jail in the Terror Funding Case by Pakistan’s Lahore Anti-Terrorism Court (ATC). The court sentenced Jamaat-ud-Dawa (JUD) chief Saeed’s brother-in-law Hafiz Abdur Rahman Makki, JUD spokesperson Yahya Mujahid and Zafar Iqbal to six months’ imprisonment.

After the court’s decision, Mujahid and Iqbal will now have to remain in jail for 80 and 50 years. ATC-2 Judge Arshad Hussain Bhutta ruled. The three convicts were present in the court during the hearing. JUD leaders have about 41 cases registered in Pakistan’s Punjab province, in which 37 have been completed. Agency.

Opposition parties walked out of the Senate (upper house) on Friday due to no response from the government of Pakistan on the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC). Apart from this, the opposition parties take retired. It also questioned General Salim Bajwa’s interaction with the Chinese diplomat.

The members said that there is no chairman of CPEC and ordinance has also lapsed. On this basis, Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) Senator Muhammad Javed asked if Bajwa is still taking the salary of the chairman of CPEC.

Similarly, Jamiat-e-Islami Senator Mustaq Ahmad said on what basis Bajwa held a meeting with the Chinese diplomat. He said that Bajwa is a controversial figure and he has allegations of corruption.

He said that in future any person who is accused of corruption should not be placed on this post. In the year 2019, Prime Minister Imran Khan appointed Bajwa as the chairman of CPEC. Worlds struggling with the Corona epidemic are engaged in pay cuts. On the other hand, China may increase the salary of its military personnel by 40 percent. This decision of the Chinese government will benefit about two million military personnel.

Hafiz Saeed have been sentenced to six months in jail
Hafiz Saeed have been sentenced to six months in jail

According to the report of South China Morning Post in Hong Kong, China, this decision under the leadership of President Xi Jinping may come into force from this year. Military officials have also confirmed the decision on condition of anonymity. China has worked extensively on the military this year. He wants his People’s Liberation Army (PLA) to be strong at every level.

Keeping this in mind, he has also increased the powers of the Central Military Commission by changing the National Defense Law. Under this, the Chinese military can expand resources within the country as well as outside the country keeping in mind the interest of the country.

According to a China Army expert, the decision to increase the salary is being taken to take young military personnel and officers in confidence. Their aim is to accept new changes and work under them. Agency.