Hand sanitizers used profound effect on children's eyes

Hand sanitizers used to protect against corona virus having a profound effect on children’s eyes. According to a French study, there is a seven-fold increase in the number of cases of eyesight of children due to 2020 hand sanitizer compared to 2019.

The study said that accidentally spraying the eyes of children is adversely affecting their eyes. In August 2020, out of all the eye-related cases of chemical problems, 15 per cent were related to hand sanitizer.

In the year 2020, 63 cases of accidentally spraying hand sanitizer in the eyes of children in public place were registered, whereas in 2019, no such case was registered. The use of hand sanitizer was recommended during the Corona period, hand sanitizer contains 70 percent alcohol.

Hand sanitizers used profound effect on children's eyes
Hand sanitizers used profound effect on children’s eyes

As a result, hand sanitizers began to be used more to avoid or eliminate the corona. Scientists at the French Poison Control Center (PCC) research group wrote in a study that the rise in use of hand sanitizers worldwide created an unknown problem for children.

Apart from this, two Indian scientists also admitted that two such children were treated in the hospital, whose hand sanitizer had accidentally reached their eyes. Doctors wrote that young children may be at serious risk and because of the sanitizer going into the eyes, the eyesight of the child can also be lost.

A five-year-old child accidentally had a sanitizer in his eye, who was treated at a hospital. The wound in the child’s eye took five days to heal. Scientists said that we would recommend young children to use hand sanitizer under the supervision of older people.