Indian security forces deployed along the India-Pakistan border have been put on high alert.Because of some information received by intelligence agencies. According to intelligence sources, many terrorists from Pakistan are in infiltration in Jammu and Kashmir. According to intelligence report, militants may be present in Bhimber Gali and Nowshera sectors and they can infiltrate the country with the help of Pakistan’s Border Action Team (BAT). Intelligence sources were informed to the news agency ANI that the information has been shared with the security forces. The BSF so that they can monitor the activities taking place in these areas and remain vigilant. The security forces fear that with the help of the bat of the Pakistani army, the terrorists may soon carry out some attacks.
Let us know that the people of Pakistan’s bat team are very trained and in addition to the commandos of his army, terrorists associated with various terrorist organizations like Jaish-e-Mohammad, Lashkar-e-Taiba are also involved.

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