If Donald Trump had to leave his post he would continue his campaign

The question of whether US President Donald Trump would accept his defeat in the presidential election or not, is reported within the White House. US TV channel-CNN reported that Trump is currently not in favor of giving up or stopping his campaign against the election result. Rather, the indication is that even if he had to leave his post, he would continue his campaign that Biden was not a legitimately elected president.

If Donald Trump had to leave his post he would continue his campaign
If Donald Trump had to leave his post he would continue his campaign

According to CNN, Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner and his daughter Ivanka have told the president that the legal campaign they are running does not have much power, reducing the chances of changing the election results.

But Trump’s lawyer Rudy Juilliani and his two sons, Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump, are of the opinion that the president should continue his fight. In this, only the President will win. This camp argues that Trump has a responsibility to his millions of supporters, who are outright denying the election results and expressing support for the President on the streets.
According to reports, when President Trump received the news that some of his lawyers had withdrawn petitions challenging the election in the state of Arizona, he was extremely upset. However, some of his advisers have said that his chances of being legally President are steadily shrinking. But Trump is not ready to change his opinion that he has actually won the election.

But some analysts say that Trump’s real effort is not really to reverse the election results. Rather, they are trying to give the message through their legal campaign that they have been defeated. His strategy is to further mobilize his hardline Conservative supporters, raise additional funds and retain his hold on the leadership of the Republican Party.

At the same time, Trump wants to maintain the notion that Biden is illegally becoming president. Through this, he wants to avenge those things which were said continuously since he won the election four years ago. The supporters of the Democratic Party then maintained that Trump, with the help of Russia, reached the presidency using unfair methods.

According to CNN, Trump has sent a message to his son-in-law, his daughter and his opinion-like colleagues that he is not at present approved. This week he clearly stated in a Twitter message – Juilliani is making legal efforts to protect our right to free and fair elections. With this, he made it clear that he would proceed on the same path, relying on the opinion of Juilliani and his sons. They are constantly saying on Twitter that they will not give up, the election is rigged and they are the real winners.

Some US media reports suggest that Trump may soon begin his campaign for the 2024 presidential election soon after leaving the White House. In this way, they will maintain their environment for four years. This will enable his supporters to remain hostile and politically active. The way his supporters gathered in Washington and other cities late last week, it is clear that he continues to hold the Conservative camp. Due to this strength, so far he has dominated the Republican Party.

Trump’s former close aide John Bolton told TV channel ABC that what Trump was doing was exactly in line with his nature. They never like what they do not like. Bolton was appointed President Trump as his National Security Advisor, but later removed him due to differences.

Bolton says- I do not expect Trump to step down gracefully. They will withdraw, but before that stories will be spread about how people stabbed them in the back. Conspiracy stories will be spread. Trump will do as many difficulties as he can for elected President Biden.