Improvement in the election process in America has become a major political confrontation issue

Improvement in the election process in America has become a major political confrontation issue. On this question, both the big parties are pushing reform proposals in their own way. This issue is hot since former President Donald Trump did not accept the outcome of the last presidential election. In the past, several states that ruled the Republican Party passed such bills, including postal voting and provision to make voting difficult before the voting date. The Republican Party says that millions of people voted prematurely or by post in the last election, ending the credibility of the election.

Now the ‘For the People Act’ has been passed in the House of Representatives, the lower house of the US Congress (Parliament). The Democratic Party has a majority in this house. The bill passed in the House on Wednesday with a margin of 220–210 votes. The bill contains provisions to increase the difficulty of voting and postal voting before the date of voting. Also, there is a provision to provide online registration facility to voters till the day of polling and to prohibit the removal of names from the voter list on the basis of registration records.

If this bill becomes law, then national standards will be set about the registration of voters and casting votes before the date of voting. Then the state will not be able to go against it and enforce its rules. The bill also has a provision to make voting easier for convicted people who have completed their sentences.

The House-passed bill also provides that it will be mandatory for the President and Vice-President-elect to release their tax returns. Significantly, Trump had refused to do so. It also calls for tougher rules to prevent foreign citizens from spending in the US elections.

Improvement in the election process in America has become a major political confrontation issue
Improvement in the election process in America has become a major political confrontation issue

The bill was approved by the House on Wednesday. Earlier on Monday, the Biden administration said that there was an unprecedented threat of an attack on democracy in America. Therefore, it is necessary to pass this bill immediately, so that the people’s franchise and the credibility of elections are protected. On the other hand, while giving a speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference, former President Trump said on Sunday that strict restrictions should be placed on votes by post and voting before the due date.

Now this bill will go to the Senate, the upper house of Congress. To pass it there, 60 votes will be required. While the Democratic Party has only 50 votes. Therefore, according to an assessment by the website, this bill will not pass. In this way, the provisions included in it will remain part of the political message of the Democratic Party.

A report by TV channel CNN has stated that the Republican Party will also make this question an issue of right of union versus states. Several Republican members in the House also called the proposed law against freedom of expression based on a proposal to limit spending in election campaigns. He alleged that the Democratic Party has brought this bill for its own benefit. But analysts say that the Republican Party has also passed bills to its advantage in the states under its rule.

Election rules have always been disputed in the US. The legislature of the states has the right to decide the boundaries of the constituency. For this reason, the ruling parties decide the constituencies according to their own in every election. In addition, the Republican Party is accused of enforcing such rules in the states it governs, making it difficult for Blacks and other minority communities to vote. He gets the benefit of this. The Democratic Party has tried to correct this imbalance with the latest bill. But it is unlikely to succeed in this at the moment.

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