Increasing cases of corona virus in Delhi

The central government has become cautious in view of increasing cases of corona virus in Delhi. The Union Home Ministry has prepared a plan to deal with Corona in Delhi. Under this, the Home Ministry has formed 10 teams. These teams will visit 100 private hospitals and gather information on the availability of ICU beds.

The Home Ministry said that Home Minister Amit Shah had a meeting on 15 November to discuss the status of Covid-19 in Delhi, since then some measures have been taken to combat the virus. Under this, DRDO will include 250 ICU beds in addition to its 250 ICU beds at its exclusive Corona Hospital near Delhi Airport. Apart from this, 35 bippe beds will be included in this hospital in three to four days.

The ministry has stated that as a further step taken after the meeting, 45 doctors and 160 paramedics of CAPF have reached Delhi for deployment at DRDO Hospital near Delhi Airport and Covid Care Center in Chhatarpur.

Increasing cases of corona virus in Delhi
Increasing cases of corona virus in Delhi

The Ministry of Home Affairs has reported that the Ministry has formed 10 other teams to visit more than 100 private hospitals in Delhi to assess bed utilization and testing capacity. Under the direction of Home Minister Amit Shah, these teams will identify additional ICU beds. Currently these teams are visiting various hospitals.

In other steps taken by the government, Indian Railways will provide train coaches with 800 beds at Shakur Basti railway station. CAPF doctors and paramedics will be deployed here.

The ministry has stated that Bharat Electronics Limited has sent 250 ventilators from Bangalore. Veterinators are expected to reach Delhi by the weekend. Ministry of Health has distributed 35 BIPAP machines for DRDO Covid facility near Delhi Airport. In addition, 25 bippe machines are to be provided by the Ministry of Health to the Government of Delhi.

The government has said that there is a house to house survey plan regarding Corona in Delhi. The survey will begin from the weekend and is expected to be completed by 25 November. The ICMR and the Delhi government have worked on 60,000 trials, working together to increase RT-PCR testing. As of 17 November the test capacity has increased to 10,000 tests per day.

The ministry said that according to the instructions of Union Home Minister Amit Shah, the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) is helping the Delhi government to set up 10 mobile testing laboratories to expedite the testing of Delhiites. Under this, the test capacity will be taken up to a total capacity of 20 thousand in a phased manner.

The Ministry of Home Affairs has stated that ICMR is deploying more manpower to bring the testing capacity of Delhi’s laboratories up to 2000. Apart from this, the shift is being extended and the help of private sector laboratories is being taken. It is targeted to reach a test level of 60,000 RT-PCR tests per day by the end of November. It reported that 5 RT-PCR laboratories including AIIMS have already started working round the clock.