China is capable of harming its military more than in the past

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has said that India is an important partner of the US. On the question of whether the US sees India as an increasingly important military and trade partner, he said that I have a good relationship with my counterpart (S. Jaishankar), we have talked extensively on many issues. We have also talked about the dispute that we have with China on the border.

In a program, the US Secretary of State said, you saw that he (India) banned many Chinese software of mobile phones in his country. The whole world is uniting against the challenge that we face in democracy that the free nations of the world will meet these challenges together. Let me tell you that after the recent border dispute with China, India banned 59 apps from China.

Earlier, on the India-China dispute, Pompeo said that Indians have responded in the best way to China’s extremely aggressive activities. He said that China has a tendency to provoke regional disputes and the world should not let this bullying run. Pompeo had said, “I have spoken to Foreign Minister S. Jaishankar many times about this. China has conducted extremely aggressive activities. Indians have also responded to them in the best way. ‘

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