India has also banned flights coming from Britain

Ever since the new strain of the Corona virus (new form of the virus) was discovered in Britain, worldwide commotion has taken place. Many countries have begun to ban aircraft coming from Britain. At the same time, India has also banned flights coming from Britain as a precaution. This has hit the aviation industry. Now international flights will take more time to normalize.

Industry experts say that the aviation industry is already going to suffer a lot due to the new Corona virus strain. Recently some countries had resumed their flight services, which started making profits to the airlines, but now the re-imposed restrictions could put companies at a disadvantage.

“The impact of the new strain of the virus on international airline operations and its recovery will depend on how deadly it is,” said Kinjal Shah, vice-president of rating agency ICRA, which closely monitors the airlines sector. Other reasons include the launch of the vaccine and its availability to the public.

In view of the present situation, international flights, usually flying abroad, have been banned by the Indian government till 31 December. Although airlines are permitted to operate all cargo international flights, flights for stranded people, charter flights and flights in 22 countries under the bubble agreement, most airlines still operate significantly more than what Covid had before.

India has also banned flights coming from Britain
India has also banned flights coming from Britain

Airlines are pushing domestic operations to rebuild their business, compared to international operations. However, senior airline officials are also pushing for the government to gradually open international commercial flights.

“We do not know what is going to happen after this new virus,” said a senior official in a Gurgaon-based no-frills carrier, but the reopening of normal international commercial flights after sanctions is going to be delayed for a few quarters.

On the condition of anonymity, the official further said, “After the June quarter, we hoped that there could be some improvement in the operations of international flights, while on domestic flights we believed that it would be normal again after the March quarter. . However, due to this new virus, the aviation sector may now be delayed longer.