India is in contact with Moderna for the vaccine

The corona virus is causing havoc not only in India but all over the world. In such a situation, many vaccines are being used to treat the virus. Meanwhile, many companies have claimed to have made the vaccine. One such company is Moderna of America. The company claims that this vaccine is 94.5 percent effective on the corona virus. India is also in contact with Moderna for the vaccine. The company’s CEO Stephen Bainsall said on Saturday that the central government would have to pay an amount of $ 25-37 (Rs 1,854.07- Rs 2,744.02) for a vaccine according to the dosage.

Stephen said, “The price of our vaccine is the same as the flu vaccine, which is between $ 10-50 (Rs 741.63-3,708.13).” An EU official involved in the talks on Monday said the European Commission wanted to deal with Moderna for the supply of millions of doses of its vaccine at prices below $ 25 (1,854.07) per dose.

“No one has been signed yet, but we are close to entering into an agreement with the European Union Commission,” Bainsall said. We want to give the vaccine to Europe and are in a constructive dialogue for this. He said that it would take only a few days to get the contract ready.

India is  in contact with Moderna for the vaccine
India is in contact with Moderna for the vaccine

Moderna has said the vaccine is effective in preventing Covid-19 by up to 94.5 percent, based on interim data from Phase III clinical trials. With this, it has become the second such vaccine developer, whose vaccine results are more than any company. Moderna’s vaccine is followed by Pfizer and BioNotech. Developed under the name mRNA-1273, this vaccine is set to be launched in the market soon.