India's cooperation to develop Covid-19's rapid test

India’s cooperation to develop Covid-19’s rapid test system is described by Israel as amazing. Israel on Wednesday hoped that the joint efforts of the two countries could deliver good news to the world in a few months. Scientists from Israel and India are working on an ambitious project to develop a rapid corona probe system. This rapid investigation will give results in few seconds.

The press release of the Ministry of Defense of Israel states that the Directorate of Defense Research Development in the Ministry of Defense and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs have completed their mission to collect samples to test and confirm the four diagnostic technologies of Israel.
In the statement, the Israeli Embassy in India quoted Colonel Asaf Müller, a defense-related officer, as saying that the goal is to give the world the technological capability in which the Rapid Corona can be tested and delivered within seconds. This will enable airports, offices, schools, railway stations etc. to be opened.

Müller stressed, ‘India’s cooperation for this project is amazing. All the research and development institutes including the scientific advisor to Prime Minister Modi participated in the project with full potential. We are hoping that in a few months we will be able to deliver the good news to the world. ‘

Israel’s team left for India on July 26 and will return in a few days and will have more than 20,000 samples of Covid-19 patients. DDR&D has tested dozens of diagnostic technologies since the outbreak of the epidemic.

Sources in the Ministry of Defense said that some of the technologies were successful in initial testing in Israel, but they have to be tested extensively on patients to prove their full effectiveness and effectiveness.

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