Several tensions of international tension were expected to improve immediately With Joe Biden becoming president

With Joe Biden becoming president, several tensions of international tension were expected to improve immediately. But one of them is deeply shocked. President Biden has put water on the possibility of the US returning soon to a nuclear deal with Iran. The indication now is that the US and Iran are not on the same level with regard to who will take the initiative on both sides first.

In an interview Sunday night (according to Indian time), US President Joe Biden bluntly said that unless Iran stops enriching uranium, the US will not lift the sanctions imposed on it. While hours before its interview, Iran’s supreme religious leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said that if the United States wants Iran to fulfill its promises made in the nuclear deal, it should first lift all sanctions.

Analysts said that in an interview to TV channel CBS, Joe Biden tried to indicate that his intention to bring his country back to the Iran nuclear deal was not an indicator of his weakness. The US has a strong pro-Israel lobby, which has been against the deal since the beginning. Former President Donald Trump had pulled the US out of the Iran nuclear deal in an attempt to support this lobby. At this point, he also became bitter with European countries, who are generally considered to be allies of the US.

Several tensions of international tension were expected to improve immediately With Joe Biden becoming president
Several tensions of international tension were expected to improve immediately With Joe Biden becoming president

The nuclear deal was signed in 2015. The then US President Barack Obama took a keen interest in getting it done. The agreement was signed by five permanent members of the UN Security Council on one side and Germany and Iran on the other. Apart from the US, Britain, France, China and Russia are permanent members of the Security Council. The agreement was intended to prevent Iran from building nuclear weapons.

But in 2018, the Trump administration expelled the US from the deal and imposed new strict sanctions on Iran. Trump argued that the deal did not have sufficient provisions to prevent Iran from making nuclear weapons. He also said that the agreement has created instability in the West Asia region. Iran also stopped following the deal in 2019. Although the remaining five countries remain in the agreement, this agreement has become practically defunct after Iran started enriching uranium.

Iran’s supreme leader Khamenei told Iranian media on Sunday – “America should lift the ban on all practices.” After that we will verify it. Only then will we return to keeping our promise. ”On the other hand, in a CBS interview, Joe Biden was asked if the US would lift the ban first, so that Iran could return to the negotiating table. Biden said no.

Khamenai has stated that Iran had fulfilled all its commitments under the agreement. Whereas America, Britain, France and Germany broke their promises. So if they want Iran to return to its promises, the US must first remove all sanctions. After Joe Biden won the presidential election last November, Iran hoped the new US administration would lift all sanctions on Iran.

But his hope was not fulfilled. So in January Iran started criticizing Biden and US Secretary of State Antony Blinken. Before this, Blinken’s statement came that Iran would have to return to its promises before the sanctions were lifted. Now President Biden has also said this. Due to this, the tension of US-Iran relations seems to be flowing on the hopes of decreasing.