Iran has hanged journalist Ruhollah Jam

Iran has hanged journalist Ruhollah Jam on charges of airing demonstrations in the country in 2017. Iran’s state TV and state-run news agency Irna said Jam was hanged on Saturday morning. In June, a court sentenced Jam to death.

A channel created on Jam’s website and messaging app ‘Telegram’ disseminated information about the timing of the demonstrations and also gave information about the authorities, posing a direct challenge to the Shiite doctrine of Iran.

In June, a court sentenced Jam to death. He was convicted of ‘corruption on earth’ (Fasad). This charge is often used in espionage cases or in cases of trying to overthrow the Iranian government. Demonstrations began in late 2017 which were the largest in Iran since the 2009 ‘Green Movement’ demonstration.

Iran summoned the German ambassador to Tehran on Sunday after the European Union condemned the hanging of an Iranian journalist. The journalist was accused of fueling nationwide economic protests in 2017 from his work.

Iran has hanged journalist Ruhollah Jam
Iran has hanged journalist Ruhollah Jam

Iranian government media gave this information. The Iranian ambassador was summoned by an Iranian Foreign Ministry official because of EU statements on the hanging of journalist Ruhalla Jaime (47) on Saturday, the news agency IRNA said.

Iranian authorities arrested Jaime in neighboring Iraq last year. Jaime Irani was in jail since then. The German Foreign Ministry on Saturday expressed sorrow over the circumstances of Jaime’s sentence and termed it ‘kidnapping from abroad’.

The IRNA said Iran would also call the French ambassador in Tehran today for European reactions to the journalist’s execution. Iran has also summoned the ambassador of France. “It is a barbaric and unacceptable act,” the French Foreign Ministry said in a statement. France condemned the death penalty as a “serious blow” to freedom of expression in Iran.

Jaime was living in France before being brought to Iran. Iranian state television had announced the execution of Jaime early Saturday. In June, an Iranian court sentenced Jaime to death after he was convicted of a very serious crime against humanity.

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