Iran immediately alleged that Israel was behind the killing scientist

If Israel’s hand is proven to be behind the killing of Iran’s leading nuclear scientist, it is believed that through this act, Israel’s Benjamin Netanyahu government directly challenged the elected President Joe Biden. Nuclear scientist Mohsen Fakhrizadeh was killed in Tehran on Friday. For this, firing and explosions were resorted to. Iran immediately alleged that Israel was behind the killing.

Joe Biden said during the election campaign that if he became president, he would rejoin the US in the nuclear deal with Iran during Barack Obama’s era. Donald Trump removed America from the deal after becoming president. Apart from Iran, the agreement was signed in 2015 by five permanent member countries of the United Nations Security Council and Germany. It is now believed that Israel killed the Iranian scientist with the aim of increasing tensions in that area, so that it would be difficult for the Biden administration to re-involve the US in the nuclear deal.
American security experts have been of the opinion that after the withdrawal of the US from Iran agreement, it has become more difficult to stop Iran from making nuclear bombs. A few weeks ago, the International Energy Agency said that Iran now has 12 times as much enriched uranium than the limit set in the 2015 agreement. These experts are of the opinion that Trump’s stance gave Iran a chance to withdraw from the pledges of the deal.

“There is no doubt that Fakhrizadeh was murdered by Israel,” Simon Henderson, an expert on Iran’s nuclear program associated with The Washington Institute, told CNN TV. He has just decided to do something that is not easy to do after the Biden administration came to power.

Iran immediately alleged that Israel was behind the killing scientist
Iran immediately alleged that Israel was behind the killing scientist

In a tweet, Ben Rods, who was the deputy national security adviser in the Barack Obama administration, said that Israel has taken these inflammatory actions to disrupt potential diplomacy between the next US administration and Iran. But this is the need of the hour to stop the escalation of tension.

According to the US media, an official associated with the Trump administration said that this is a very big incident and the US will use all its intelligence sources to know the truth of it. But the Trump administration did not give a formal response on Friday. But President Donald Trump retweeted a tweet by Israeli journalist Yossi Melman, saying Fakhrizadeh’s death was a major psychological and professional blow to Iran.

Fakhrizadeh had been under American surveillance for years. In 2018, Foreign Minister Mike Pompeo said that the government of Iran has taken extraordinary steps to hide and protect Fakhrizadeh, as he is a person of decisive importance for Iran’s nuclear program.

Diplomatic experts say the Trump administration has not made any formal comment about the incident, possibly because it does not want to get into a bitter rhetoric with Iran in its last days. According to CCN, US officials have told him that the US is monitoring the situation, but it does not want any confrontation with Iran right now.

The US administration has already been cautious about possible retaliation on the occasion of the anniversary of the assassination of Force Commander Qasim Sulemani of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards Quds. Sulemani was assassinated by the US last January. On Thursday, Foreign Minister Pompeo said in an interview to Fox TV channel that the United States is threatened by Iran and other sources on the anniversary of Sulaimani’s assassination.

A few days ago, CNN reported that President Trump had put forward the idea of ​​military action against Iran in the last days of his term. But senior officials advised him not to do so. It is said that the purpose of the trump was also to lay thorns in the path of the Biden administration. Now probably the same thing has been done by Trump’s friend Netanyahu’s government.