Iran nuclear deal depends on how long America's elected President Joe Biden

Parties to the Iran nuclear deal have stepped up their efforts to revive it. This preparation was solidified at a virtual meeting of foreign ministers of the countries involved in the agreement on Monday. But now everything depends on how long America’s elected President Joe Biden fulfills his promise.

Biden has said that after assuming the presidency on January 20, he will try to get his country back in agreement. The agreement was signed in 2015. Biden was then the Vice President of the United States.

Iran on one side and five member countries of United Nations Security Council and Germany on the other side had joined the Iran nuclear deal. The five permanent member countries of the United Nations Security Council are the United States, Russia, China, Britain and France. That is why this agreement was also called the agreement of Iran and Five Plus One. Donald Trump pulled the US out of the deal in 2018 after becoming president. Later Iran also began to withdraw from its promises made in the agreement.

Iran nuclear deal depends on how long America's elected President Joe Biden
Iran nuclear deal depends on how long America’s elected President Joe Biden

In a joint statement after Monday’s meeting, the foreign ministers said that they are ready with a positive attitude towards America’s return to the agreement. European countries have been continuously trying to keep the agreement alive since 2018. The Trump administration imposed strict sanctions on Iran after withdrawing from the agreement. France, Britain and Germany, known as E-3, announced the refusal of these conditions. He now expects the Biden administration to lift the restrictions.

After the embargo, Iran began to enrich uranium beyond the limits it had been allowed under the agreement. Now Iran says that if the US and E-3 start fulfilling their promises made in the agreement, then they will start following the terms of the agreement.

In Monday’s meeting, China’s foreign minister Wang Yi insisted that the US should return to the agreement as soon as possible and unconditionally. He said that if Iran withdrew from the terms of the agreement, its main reason was to withdraw from America first and put excessive pressure on Iran. He said that the elected President Biden has promised to re-join the US, so the nuclear situation with Iran has come to a decisive turn. He said that the US should unconditionally lift sanctions on Iran, its related third parties, and individuals. Iran should then become a part of it, fully following the terms of the agreement.

Analysts have pointed out that the anger created after the assassination of nuclear scientist Mohsin Fakhrizad in Iran still continues. Iran is of the opinion that Israel committed this murder. After this assassination, a bill has been introduced by radical members in Iran’s parliament. The bill asks the Iran government and the country’s Atomic Energy Agency to speed up the enrichment of uranium. There has also been a demand for the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) inspectors to be taken out of the country. But President Hassan Rouhani’s government has not supported this bill. In connection with Monday’s meeting, it was noted that this was a sign of the Iranian government’s willingness to join the nuclear deal.

Analysts say the latest efforts are moving in a positive direction. But now everything depends on the will of the Biden administration and its strength to get the agreement approved by the US Parliament. If he shows the right substance, a new phase of peace in West Asia could begin.