Is it becoming increasingly difficult for Turkey to remain in the NATO

Is it becoming increasingly difficult for Turkey to remain in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)? This question is in discussion these days in the diplomatic circles of Europe and America. This week, the US imposed a ban on Turkey.

These sanctions were imposed under the law that the US applies to its ‘enemy’ countries. Implementing the Countering America’s Adversaries Through Sanctions Act (CASTA) on Turkey is understood to mean that the US no longer ranks a NATO member country as a friend. While America is the leader of this military alliance.

The Donald Trump administration imposed these restrictions against Turkey’s decision to purchase the S-400 air defense system from Russia. The US says that these defense systems do not match NATO equipment and this could pose a threat to the countries involved in the treaty. Restrictions have been leveled against Turkey’s defense industry chief, the military procurement agency, the head of the agency and three other senior officials.

Earlier in July 2019, the US excluded Turkey from its F-35 jet program. These steps were also taken against Turkey’s decision to purchase arms from Russia. Significantly, the first Turkish F-35 was an integral part of the program.

Is it becoming increasingly difficult for Turkey to remain in the NATO
Is it becoming increasingly difficult for Turkey to remain in the NATO

This is the first time the US has taken such steps against one of its allies. That is why uncertainty arises over Turkey’s future in NATO. Western analysts say that NATO was formed to counter the Soviet Union. Its main objective is to surround Russia even today. Therefore, problems arise due to Turkey’s deepening of relations with Russia. It has been speculated that this gap created in the Western camp would be good news for Russia. If NATO breaks down, there can hardly be a better thing for Russia than this.

At present, the possibility of NATO being completely shattered is considered to be minimal. Yet if Turkey differs from this, it would be considered a major setback for this treaty organization. Especially given that Turkey provides the highest number of troops to NATO after the US. Turkey joined NATO in 1952. Then he feared that the Soviet Union might attack him.

But now the situation has changed. Therefore, it is not impossible for him to say goodbye to this treaty in the midst of the growing disruption of America. The only such opportunity in NATO came before 1967, when France broke away from NATO’s command structure, although it joined it again in 2009.

In recent years, Turkey has increased tensions with France, Greece and several Arab countries. Almost all of the Arab countries with which his tension has increased are in America’s court. On the other hand, Russia supported Turkey in its confrontation with Greece. That is why during the recent battle of Azerbaijan and Armenia, Turkey maintained a soft attitude towards Russia. Whereas this fight, where Turkey together with Pakistan openly helped Azerbaijan, Russia was in favor of Armenia.

There is also discussion that China may stand in Turkey’s favor in the near future. Turkey has better relations with Pakistan, which also has good relations with China. There is a discussion that Pakistan is mediating between the two countries. Anyway, at present, China is standing with all those countries whose relations with America are deteriorating. China also has good relations with Russia. Therefore, in the coming days a new axis can be created, which will make it more difficult for Turkey to remain in NATO.

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