There has been a spurt in the rising cases of Corona virus infection

Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) chief Dr. Balaram Bhargav has said that it is difficult to decide whether a second wave of corona infection will be seen in India. However, he said that due to different geographical conditions in the country, there may be small waves of infection at different times.

Prof. Bhargav said about the condition of corona virus in the country and the world that is changing rapidly. There are considerable variations in infection and mortality in different geographical regions around the world. He said that much more is yet to be known about this virus. Collective participation is needed to deal with Corona.

Pro. Bhargav said about the waves of corona in India in the coming times, it will depend on different geographical conditions. At the moment it is necessary that measures such as social distance, mask are followed. ICMR has already created a common platform for research with 10 South-East Asian countries.

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