Jack Ma has been missing for the past two months

Jack Ma, a Chinese billionaire and owner of e-commerce company Alibaba and Ant Group, has been missing for the past two months. He has not appeared at any public event since Chinese President Xi Jinping came under attack. While his company continues to act. Many doubts are also being expressed after Jack Ma’s disappearance in this way.

Jack Ma is often present as a speaker at public events in China and is also popular among the youth for his motivational speeches. He had sharply criticized China’s interest-bearing financial regulators and state-run banks at an event in Shanghai in October last year. Jack Ma had called on the government to change the system so that efforts to introduce new things in business would not be suppressed. He called the global banking rules a ‘club for the elderly’.

The ruling Communist Party of China erupted after this speech. Jack Ma’s criticism was taken as an attack on the Communist Party. After this Jack Ma’s bad days started. Various investigations were started against his business. At the behest of President Xi Jinping, Chinese officials gave a shock to Jack Ma in November last year, suspending his Ant Group’s $ 37 billion IPO.

It was confirmed in a media report that the order to cancel Jack Ma’s Ant Group IPO came directly from Chinese President Xi Jinping. On Christmas Eve, Jack Ma was instructed not to move out of China until the ongoing investigation against his Alibaba Group is completed.

Jack Ma has been missing for the past two months

According to the Daily Mail report, Jack Ma was scheduled to attend several events in the last two months, but at the last moment his name was removed from the guest or speaker list. His name was also mysteriously removed from the episode of the famous show ‘Business Heroes of Africa’ in November. His picture was also removed from the show’s poster. Let me tell you that the company producing this show belongs to Jack Ma and he has had to opt out of his own show.

A spokesman for the Alibaba Group said that Jack Ma is no longer part of the panel of judges due to the controversy. However, several weeks before the finale of the show, Jack Ma tweeted that he cannot wait to meet all the contestants. Since then, no posts have been made from his three Twitter accounts. Earlier, he used to tweet continuously. Apart from this, he was announced to come as a speaker from many universities and other places, but his name was removed at the last moment.

Jack Ma is not the first person to take action to suppress the voice in China. China has put a large number of people under house arrest who criticize the policies of the Communist Party or Xi Jinping government. Earlier, property businessman Ren Zhiqiang, who criticized Xi Jinping, went missing. He told Xi Jinping to be a prankster to deal with Corona properly. He was later jailed for 18 years. Another Chinese billionaire, Xian Jianhua, has been under house arrest since 2017.

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