Amid the dire situation caused by the corona virus, the number of Japanese encephalitis cases in Nagaon district is on the rise. As in previous years, the incidence of Japanese encephalitis has increased in the district. This time around 10 people, including children, have been infected with the disease in the district since June.

According to the Nagaon District Malaria Division, 6 out of all the infected have already recovered. All three are currently undergoing treatment. The three persons undergoing treatment are Shaharul Alam (4) of Pamila Jarani under Kachua Modern Hospital. Shelima Khatun (26) of Uriya Grant Tubuki under Kathiatali Primary Health Center. Pranjal Bora of Simana PHC. According to the district malaria department, 60-year-old Sarumai Dekar of East Shalmara under Barpuziya Primary Health Center in the district has already died in Japanese encephalitis. According to the district malaria department, Sarumai Deka, who died of Japanese encephalitis, was suffering from several other diseases. The rise of Japanese encephalitis in Nagaon in the midst of the Korna infection has raised concerns in Nagaon. The district malaria department has taken various steps to prevent the spread of the disease.

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