Joe Biden is expected to expand relations with India

Joe Biden, who is going to be President in the US next month, is expected to expand relations with India. Diplomatic experts from both countries say that they can put more emphasis on strengthening military partnership with India against China as well as increase mutual trade agreements.

Experts believe that even though there is talk of Biden interfering in human rights and domestic affairs in India, this is a much bigger challenge for the US at the moment. In such a situation, Biden will not be in a position to change much in the current strategy towards New Delhi.

According to experts, due to India’s increasing importance for the balance of power in the Asian region, the two countries have come closer than before in the Trump administration which should be continued even further. Recently, US Deputy Secretary of State Stephen Bigan said that relations have increased since the era of former President Bill Clinton.

Joe Biden is expected to expand relations with India
Joe Biden is expected to expand relations with India

Ashley J. Tellis, senior fellow at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace in Washington, admits that the United States is currently in need of India in many ways, the biggest reason being China.

Joe Biden, who once saw the rise of China as a ‘great force’, has taken a strong stand against it in the past. As a result, the multilateral partnership (Quad) of the US, India, Japan and Australia can continue to be used to balance power in the Indo-Pacific region.

Some experts do not agree with Biden’s chances of taking drastic measures against China. He says that Joe Biden’s strategy is hardly as strict as that of Trump, which will not benefit India much. Professor Brahma Chelani at the Center for Policy Research in New Delhi says that if the next US president is soft on China, India will also have to rethink the bilateral partnership.

Some experts say that Biden will not take a more critical view of Pakistan. One can also join hands with Islamabad to take out the US military from Afghanistan. At the same time, Trump had stopped military aid to Pakistan, showing strictness on terrorism.

In the past few years, where the US has increased military training and intelligence from India, it has shown strictness in cases like H1B visa. At the same time, despite the efforts of the US, India has also continued to purchase arms from Russia, France and Israel.

Apart from this, after the self-imposed India campaign launched by India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the US may also face problems in trade agreements in many areas. In such a situation a little mutual tussle can be seen.

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