Joe Biden called the coup a direct attack on the move towards democracy

Myanmar power has come into the hands of Commander-in-Chief Min Aung Hlaing after the military coup on Monday. Joe Biden has reacted very strongly to this. President Joe Biden called the coup a direct attack on the move towards democracy and warned that if top leaders were not released soon, they would consider tougher sanctions on the country.

On the second day of curfew, the country’s roads were under control due to the Myanmar army taking control of the country on Mayawadi TV owned by it and declaring a state of emergency for a year. However, there have been small protests in the country against the arrest of top authorities including the country’s leader Aung San Suu Kyi. While on this military action, Biden said that ‘the coup by Myanmar army, arrests of top leaders and declaration of national emergency is a direct attack on the democratic transfer of power in the country’. Appeal to, that in a democracy the army should not ignore the will of the people. For nearly a decade, the people of the country have been continuously working on democratic government and peaceful power transfer. It should be respected.

Apart from the American warning, the entire world raised concerns about the Nobel peace winner Aung San Suu Kyi not knowing anything about 24 hours after the coup in Myanmar. Meanwhile, the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) has also called for all-round pressure on the Myanmar army. The UNSC has called an emergency meeting on the issue to discuss the situation arising after the military coup. Council chairman and UK envoy Barbara Woodward said the council would look into the measures, discuss the idea of ​​releasing the country’s leaders. He said that no special measures are being discussed at this time.

Joe Biden called the coup a direct attack on the move towards democracy
Joe Biden called the coup a direct attack on the move towards democracy

A day after the military coup in Myanmar and the arrest of top leaders, several members of parliament remained closed inside their government homes in the capital on Tuesday. One MP said that he and about 400 other MPs are able to talk to each other inside the premises and are also in touch with their constituencies via phone but they are not allowed to leave the residential complex in Napita. He said that the police was inside the premises and the soldiers were outside. Expressing his desire not to be named due to security concerns, the MP said, “We have to be alert while awake.”

Regarding the coup in Myanmar, China has only responded coldly to gathering information about the situation and resolving its differences under the constitution and legal framework. This was due to his uneasiness over his investment of billions of dollars in this country. Yoon Sun, an expert on the affairs of both countries, said that this coup could not only result in billions of dollars of damage to China but also to its national interests, as China has been supportive of Suu Kyi. Let us know that China has invested billions of dollars in mining, infrastructure and gas pipeline projects here, which is now uncertain.

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