Kim Jong-un's country is still free from the corona virus

North Korea’s dictator Kim Jong-un’s administration has given a report to the World Health Organization (WHO) claiming that his country is still free from the corona virus. At the beginning of the transition, about a year ago, North Korea called the effort to keep the country free of pandemics a ‘question of the existence of the nation’.

North Korea had taken precautions since the onset of the global pandemic corona virus. Under Covid rescue regulations, North Korea has closed its borders, prohibited the arrival of tourists and diplomats have also been expelled from the country. Thousands of people with signs of infection have been kept in isolation, but even after this, North Korea says that there has not been a single case of Covid-19 in its country.

As the corona virus continues to wreak havoc around the world, it is difficult to trust North Korea’s claim that North Korea’s health system is not in a good state and the country’s business is also with infection-affected China and its business Is a lifeline for the economy.

North Korea reported in its report that it had examined 23,121 people from the beginning of the epidemic to April 1, but none of them were found infected, Advil Salvador, a representative of the World Health Organization in North Korea, said on Wednesday. Salvador said North Korea investigated 732 people between March 26 and April 1.

Kim Jong-un's country is still free from the corona virus
Kim Jong-un’s country is still free from the corona virus

WHO officials said North Korea is no longer sharing the number of people sent to the segregation with the agency. North Korea said on Tuesday that it would not take part in the Tokyo Olympics to protect its players from the corona virus.

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