Lebanese Foreign Minister Nassif Hitti resigned

Lebanese Foreign Minister Nassif Hitti resigned from his post on Monday. The Hittite is the first minister to resign amidst the severe economic crisis in the country. The Hittites vacated the government house without comment. Hittite Prime Minister Hasan Diab, who started his career as a diplomat, became the foreign minister in the government in January this year.

Significantly, Lebanon is rapidly moving towards economic bankruptcy, fragmentation of institutions and high inflation. Poverty is also increasing rapidly here. These problems have added to the Covid-19 global epidemic. It is being said that the Hittite government was unhappy with the performance and promises made for improvement.

The situation in Lebanon is becoming frightening day by day. A large number of people are being fired. There is a danger of hospitals being closed, shops and restaurants closing, crime increasing and the army not being able to provide food to its soldiers. The expired food items are being sold by the warehouses.

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