Lifelong immunity to former Russian presidents for any crime

An amendment has been made in the Russian constitution under which criminal prosecution will not be registered against Russian President Vladimir Putin and his family even after he is removed from office. All the Russian politicians have supported this bill. According to media reports, the bill was easily passed in both houses as Putin supporters have support in both houses of Russia. After passing both houses of the Russian Parliament, Putin on Tuesday signed a bill providing lifelong immunity to former Russian presidents for any crime.

The bill is part of a constitutional amendment that was agreed to in a referendum in July this year, stating that Putin would continue to hold the presidency until 2036. The bill, published online on Tuesday, gives the former president and his families immunity from prosecution for crimes committed during his lifetime. They will also be allowed to interrogate the police or investigators, as well as searches or arrests.

At present, only one former Russian President Dmitry Medvedev is alive, who will get the benefit of the new law with Putin. Dmitri Medvedev is an associate of Putin. Under the new bill, the former President of Russia as well as his family members will be out of the purview of police investigation and interrogation. Also, the property of these people will also not be confiscated.

Lifelong immunity to former Russian presidents for any crime
Lifelong immunity to former Russian presidents for any crime

Putin is 68 years old and is completing his fourth term in 2024, but after a constitutional change he may complete two more terms of six years. Putin has been in power in Russia since 2000.

However, the new defense bill puts cases of serious crime and treason committed under exceptional circumstances as an exception. This means that former presidents can also be sued in these situations.

President Vladimir Putin, who has been in power in Russia for nearly 21 years, may resign from his post next year. A report is claiming that Vladimir Putin has severe Parkinson’s disease. It is being told that Putin’s 37-year-old girlfriend Elena Kabeva and her two daughters, 35-year-old Maria Vortsova and 34-year-old Katerina Tikhonova, are pressuring him to step down as president.

Moscow’s political scientist Valeri Solovey has reported that Putin could hand over power to someone else in January next year. He said that Putin may have been battling Parkinson’s and recent footage showed signs of his illness.