Light Speed will work like Xender
A young man named HM Rizwan Majumdar of Sonabarighat in Kachar district has invented a file sharing app.

This app will work like a Xender in case of file transfer and sharing. The new apps invented by Rizwan is called ‘Light Speed’.

The app was released on the Google Play Store on July 19 The Light Speed ​​app is expected to serve as an alternative to Xender. The Chinese mobile app ‘Xender’ has become very popular in India in the field of file transfer and sharing. But in the wake of the India-China conflict, 59 Chinese apps have been banned in India. This includes Xender also.

After the ban on Xender, the client faced some problems in file transfer and sharing. But HM Rizwan, a former student of Silchar G.C. College, came forward to solve this problem.

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