Lung damage and many chronic diseases due to side effects of Corona virus

The world is not yet aware of how many side effects the Corona virus infection leaves behind. Till now, there have been reports of lung damage and many chronic diseases becoming more serious due to this infection. But now researchers have said that this virus also has a very bad effect on human mental and psychological health. Researchers found in one study that neurological or mental problems emerged in 34 percent of patients who recovered within six months of being infected with the corona virus. The study report appeared in the British journal LaSaint Psychiatry.
It has been observed that neurological problems emerged more among those who had to be hospitalized during corona infection. It has been seen that the more people who got infected with the corona virus, the more this problem came to the fore. For those who had to be hospitalized, the rate of suffering from such a disease has been seen to be 39 percent.

According to Maxim Tacke, the expert who prepared this study report, this report has revealed that people who recover from virus infection also need to continue to provide medical help for some time. Taake belongs to the Department of Psychiatry at Oxford University. He said- Our study has indicated that after getting infected with Covid-19, the patient is more likely to suffer from mental illness or psychiatric problem than flu or other respiratory infections.
This study has been described as the largest study of its kind. It studied the health-related electronic records of 2,36,000 Covid-19 patients. These patients are mostly American. The symptoms that emerged later in these patients were compared to other patients suffering from other respiratory tract infections. It became very clear that the scope of Covid-19 patients suffering from neurological or psychiatric problems was higher by 16 to 44 per cent. Two percent of Covid-19 patients also suffered from the problem of blood clotting in the brain.

Significantly, some other small studies also showed similar results. According to a report in Italy in a study released last February, 30 percent of patients recovering from corona infection later suffered a post-traumatic stress disorder. Only 381 patients participated in this study, so its conclusion was not much discussed then. Earlier in December, a study report was published in the journal ‘Neurology: Clinical Practice’. According to him, many Covid-19 patients recovered later had problems such as unconsciousness or difficulty walking. This has also happened to many patients who were not severely infected with the Covid-19 virus.

Lung damage and many chronic diseases due to side effects of Corona virus
Lung damage and many chronic diseases due to side effects of Corona virus

On the basis of all these studies, now experts have said that Covid-19 is not a problem from which once it is cured, it gets rid of. Rather, it has put a long-term burden on the health system. The world is not yet aware of how much this burden is. Paul Harrison, a professor of psychiatry at Oxford University, told American TV channel CNN – The lack of recent study reports published in Lancet Psychiatry is that it has been prepared based on routine health care data. This means that people who suffered from additional problems have not been thoroughly investigated. That is, it is not known what the challenges are ahead of his treatment.

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