Major scams in the order of vaccination in America

A new concern has arisen as soon as the introduction of Pfizer / Bioentech vaccine for prevention of Corona virus infection in America. There are reports that there may be major scams in the order of vaccination. Also, some people may run a campaign of propaganda regarding the distribution of the vaccine. Some government agencies have warned that some scammers are asking for sensitive personal information in exchange for getting vaccinated. Apart from this, some vendors are selling fake materials claiming to cure Kovid-19.

In a letter to the TV channel CNN, the US intelligence agency FBI has said that the scamsters are taking advantage of the huge interest of the people in the Corona virus vaccine. They are claiming to sell a variety of schemes and in return are asking for personal information and money. In view of this, the FBI has made a special plan of surveillance.

Meanwhile, according to a CNN report, the US Department of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) is trying to stop the sale of drugs of the Corona virus, which are not yet approved. Meanwhile, the US Federal Trade Commission has sent warning letters to seven companies. These companies are accused of selling drugs making scientifically invalid claims. Officials have said that once the vaccine is released, the scamsters will try to take advantage in several ways. Selling fake vaccines is one of them.

Major scams in the order of vaccination in America
Major scams in the order of vaccination in America

Experts say that there is a possibility of a scam in anything that is uncertain and in which people are very interested. The Corona epidemic is a better example of this. Authorities have said that they were preparing in advance for this situation. Therefore, he is not surprised by the news being received now.

Government agency Better Business Bureau has advised people to take precautions to avoid scams. People have been asked to follow the advice of their personal doctor, ignore phone calls claiming immediate benefits, and conduct a thorough investigation of the information they receive from any source.

The vaccine is currently reaching 2.9 million doses in the US. But compared to the demand in the country, this number is very less. Especially considering that each person has to take two doses of the vaccine. Vaccines will be first introduced to health workers and public servants. Therefore the availability of vaccine for the common people is still negligible.

Although concerns over vaccine-related scandals have now arisen, the alleged relief schemes during the epidemic in the US continue to be a problem. Since the epidemic began, the Federal Trade Commission has received more than 20 thousand complaints. These complaints are about SMS or phone calls about providing testing kits, fake medical and epidemic related assistance.

Experts say that it is not new that scammers jump into the matter about which people are scared. According to him, the only way to avoid being deceived by such people is to keep themselves aware of the correct information available.