Mike Pompeo has begun his seven nation visit ignoring the tradition

Ignoring the tradition, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has begun his seven-nation visit. The custom is that if the foreign minister of the outgoing administration goes abroad after losing the election in America, then before that, he takes the elected president in confidence.

President Donald Trump has refused to give up. Pompeo himself has said that the transfer of power will be in the hands of another Trump administration. Therefore, before leaving for foreign travel, his ministry did not contact the elected president. The US State Department is not cooperating with Biden’s team.

France, which became the first destination of Pompeo’s visit, has made it clear that he will be in touch with Biden’s team and will inform him of all the conversations that took place during the trip. French foreign policy experts have pointed out that the visit is taking place in a strange condition.

Most countries of the world have accepted the mandate that came in America in the election held on November 3. Leaders of most countries have congratulated the elected President Biden. But the Trump administration and his Republican Party refuse to do so.

Mike Pompeo has begun his seven nation visit ignoring the tradition
Mike Pompeo has begun his seven nation visit ignoring the tradition

Pompeo’s visit is intended to garner support for the Trump administration’s tough stand against China and Iran. During this visit Pompeo will also visit the settlements in the western shores that Israel has settled on the territory of Palestine. Before this, no foreign minister of the US had visited there.

In France, he will meet President Emanuel Macron on Monday. Macron’s office has said that these talks will be conducted with full transparency with the team of elected President Joe Biden. Trump administration relations with many other European countries, including France and Germany, have been problematic. These countries are upset with President Trump’s stance on breaking the nuclear deal with Iran and separating the US from the Paris Treaty on Climate Change.

After France, Pompeo will travel to Turkey, Georgia, Israel, United Arab Emirates, Qatar and Saudi Arabia. The leaders of all these countries have congratulated Joe Biden on the victory. President Trump’s relations with the leaders of Turkey, Georgia and Qatar were not very sweet.

The Trump administration was particularly angry with Turkey when Turkey decided to buy a missile defense system from Russia. According to reports, Pompeo is not scheduled to meet Turkish government leaders during his visit to Turkey. Instead they will meet religious leaders there and talk to them on the issue of religious freedom.

He is not scheduled to interact with Palestinian leaders during his trip to the western shores. Palestinian leaders have condemned Pompeo’s visit. He has said that Pompio is setting a dangerous example of recognizing those settlements by going to land-occupied settlements.

Pompeo said that I am the foreign minister. I am getting calls from all over the world. They are watching our election. They understand that we have a legal process. They understand that it will take time to complete. But these things are being accepted abroad, it does not seem so.

French Foreign Minister Le Darias has already said a week ago that he will work closely with the new US President and his team on Europe-US relations. He emphasized that these relations needed to be regained.