Mike Pompeo has increased the difficulties of US administration

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has increased the difficulties of the next US administration by moving to the Israeli-occupied colony on the western shore. Pompeo went to a township called Sagot on the western shore on Thursday. This Palestinian territory was forcibly annexed by Israel. The United States had not recognized it till date. That is, this visit of Pompeo is against the policy of all the American administrations of the past. It is also a violation of UN Security Council resolutions.

Pompeo himself said this in Sagot. He said- For a long time, the US State Department had not recognized the history of this particular place. Today, the US State Ministry is strongly recognizing that these settlements have been legally and properly constructed. Pompeo said it was for the justice system of Israel to decide whether these settlements were valid. Pompeo said- From our side it is a simple admission that it is part of Israel. This is to accept the reality.

But according to US media, Pompeo’s visit worried US State Department officials. He said that Pompeo himself took the decision to go there. It was not suggested by officials of the Ministry of External Affairs. It is worth noting that Pompeo has made this visit at a time when President Donald Trump has lost the election and his administration is in moral standing. The tradition is that under such circumstances, ie the defeated administration does not take important policy decisions.

Mike Pompeo has increased the difficulties of US administration
Mike Pompeo has increased the difficulties of US administration

This visit will create difficulties for the upcoming Joe Biden administration. Joe Biden will take over as president on January 20. Trump has not yet accepted his defeat, claiming repeatedly that he has won the presidential election on November 3.

Pompeo has also stated that on January 20, “there will be a peaceful transfer of power in the hands of the second Trump administration.” This has created a strange and unprecedented situation in America. Meanwhile, the Trump administration and its ministers are constantly taking major policy and administrative decisions.

Political observers say Pompeo is eyeing the presidential election in 2024 on behalf of the Republican Party. So they want to make inroads into the radical groups of America. American fundamentalist Christian and Jewish groups blindly support Israel. After a visit to Pompeo on Thursday, Christian Bob Vander Lattes, leader of a radical organization, said his visit provided evidence of the Trump administration’s commitment to Israel. Pompeo has now set very high cuts for the Biden-Harris administration.

Biden advocates a two-nation doctrine in the Israel-Palestine dispute. This means that both Israel and Palestine remain as independent countries. The Democratic Party’s policy is that to make the two-nation doctrine possible, Israel should vacate the territories it occupied after the 1967 war. Whereas Israel has established settlements in those areas. The US had not yet recognized it. But Pompio has broken this taboo.

The Palestinian factions witnessed intense outrage on Pompeo’s visit. Some Palestinian residents of Sagot performed on Wednesday, shouting slogans such as Pompio Go Back and Pompio is a friend of war criminals. Syria has also criticized the visit. Israel had captured the Golan Hills from Syria in the 1967 war. That area is also controversial. Pompeo did not go to that area. But Syria has said that its territories occupied by Israel should be returned immediately.