million people will be on the verge of poverty

Due to the rapid growth of Corona around the world, by 2021 next year, about 150 million people will be on the verge of poverty. All the major economies of the world are facing a cloud of crisis and so far no vaccine has been introduced. In view of the situation arising out of Corona, the World Bank has expressed its concern.

The World Bank has warned that by next year, at least 150 million people will fall below the poverty line due to corona. The World Bank said on Wednesday, that by 2021, the corona epidemic is likely to reduce poverty on about 150 million people.

According to the Washington-based World Bank, Corona has made the severity of this year’s economic growth even more challenging. The World Bank has said that by 2021, 8.8 million to 115 million people may face additional poverty. The report states that significant numbers of people in middle-income countries will slip below the extreme poverty line.

Million people will be on the verge of poverty
Million people will be on the verge of poverty

David Malpas, president of the World Bank Group, has said that the epidemic and the global recession may have caused more than 1.4 percent of the world’s population to fall into poverty. He said that in order to reverse this severe setback for development progress and poverty reduction, countries must prepare for a post-economy economy by allowing capital, labor, skills and innovation to step into new businesses and sectors. . Earlier, Malpas had said that the death rate of children in developing countries due to corona may increase significantly.

The World Bank has praised the efforts of people living in Dharavi, Mumbai to overcome the corona. The World Bank applauded the efforts of Dharavi’s Corona model, saying the success was due to solutions to the problem, community participation and persistence.

Million people will be on the verge of poverty
Million people will be on the verge of poverty

Dharavi, located in Mumbai, India’s economic capital, is one of the largest slum areas in the world. It is spread over an area of ​​two and a half square kilometers and houses about six and a half lakh people.

The World Bank, in its biennial ‘Poverty and Shared Prosperity Report’, said that the highest number of infections were in May, the number of which fell to twenty percent in July after three months. The World Bank said it was successful in finding solutions to the problem, involving people at the community level and persistence to prevent the spread of corona infection in Dharavi.

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