Morrison’s party has taken the step of change in the national anthem of Australia

With the new year, Australia along with its native community took a major step towards justice. The move is also considered remarkable because the initiative was taken by the Conservative government of Prime Minister Scott Morrison. Morrison’s party was against any such change in the past. But now that they have taken the step of change in the national anthem of the country, it has been considered as evidence that a consensus has been reached in the country on this issue. The opposition Labor Party had long been advocating for this change. He has welcomed the move.

Under this change, now the first line of the country’s national anthem will be changed. This line will now use the words “one and free” (another independent) instead of the words “young and free” (young and independent). Earlier this line was ‘Australians All Let’s Rejoice, For We are Young and Free’. Now this line will be – ‘Australian All Let’s Rejoice, For We Are One and Free’. Critics used to say for a long time that Australia separates indigenous people from its history by calling itself Young. Now the message of the word forest will be that all the residents of Australia have the same status in the country.

When the people of Britain occupied Australia, the native population there had to suffer violence. They were chased away to far-flung areas. People of British origin became the majority here. This community ignored the interests, language and culture of the indigenous communities for a long time. Now a step has been taken to rectify this historical mistake. But the Labor Party has said that this is merely a symbolic move. The real question is whether there should be a constitutional system of deciding the representation in the Parliament of the indigenous community. The Green Party has demanded a treaty between the indigenous and later emigrated communities, so as to protect the rights of the indigenous people.

Morrison's party has taken the step of change in the national anthem of Australia
Morrison’s party has taken the step of change in the national anthem of Australia

Coming from the native Kamilaroi community and editor of the website named IndigenousX, Luke Pearson told the Australian version of the newspaper The Guardian that the symbolic move was taken to silence voices of disagreement. In this, the basic form of disagreement seems unwise. He said that the ruling party organizes the celebration on (British) Invasion Day every year. The change brought by him is meaningless.

Star boxer Anthony Mandine, who hails from the indigenous community, has refused to sing the national anthem of Australia during sporting events. According to local media reports, they are also not very impressed with the latest move. Mundine has said that this national anthem has been the anthem of whites in the country. No radical changes have been made in this. The sentiments of the conservative white community have been taken care of while making the changes.

This change has also been opposed by some Conservative leaders. Former minister and senator Matthew Kanawan stated on his Twitter handle that Australia is a young country. It is not suppressed by the burden of some old cultures. He said that people from abroad want to come here because they want to start new and young here.

Moderate leaders have welcomed the move. He says that this change accepts that the native people have lived on this land for 65 thousand years. Their culture is equally old. This change also accepts that the people who came here from across the sea two hundred and fifty years ago and came later, their families are also part of this nation. All these communities are identified as Australian.

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